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Reviews are an opinion piece that shouldn't contain spoilers while recaps and highlights, which are essentially a written summary of the original, would. You have been warned, enjoy:)

Period aka some time in history, even a fictional era

Drama Reviews:

Episode Recaps / Highlights:
Chinese Paladin 5 Yun Zhi Fan [Episode 1, 2]
Classic of Mountains and Seas [Episode 1, 46 End]
City of Devastating Love Hua Xu Yin [Episode 1-78-11]
Go Princess Go [Episode 1-23-45-67-8]
Ice Fantasy [Episode 1, 62 End]
Imperial Doctress [Episode 12-78-13, 14-20, 21-24, 25-29]
Legend of Chusen [Episode 1, 2, 55 End]
Princess Jieyou [Episode 1, 2, 3]
Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2002 [Series Highlights]

Movie Reviews:

Modern umm, it means now

Drama Reviews:

Episode Recaps / Highlights:
Moorim School [Episode 1, 2-4]

Movie Recaps:


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