Dilraba Dilmurat: 'I Hope People Can Stop Bothering My Parents'

Dilraba Dilmurat: 'I Hope People Can Stop Bothering My Parents'
In C-ent, reports about obsessive behavior from sisheng fans seem to know no bounds and only vary in the different ways that it's being done. Most recently, Li Xian was so frustrated at the fans and daipai crowding around him outside the airport that he roared, "Give me some freedom okay!" He also pointed at the guy with the camera and yelled, "And you, paparazzi! stop filming!" Meanwhile, popular actress Dilraba Dilmurat seems to be dealing with a different kind of problem. She doesn't mind if it affects her only but when it comes to her family, she doesn't want anyone to bother them. 

Being a Public Figure Has Nothing To Do With My Parents
She says, "This is something that I really mind because my being a public figure is a personal matter and has nothing to do with my parents. It is about my privacy. I didn't let everyone get to know my parents because I want to protect them. But I feel like some people will add my parents on WeChat. I know who they are through their conversations and what not, I'll see it or they'll tell my parents their names." She explained that she tried removing them before but they just added themselves back. She adds, "I feel like this is very bad because if everyone really has this leisurely time, I feel like it's best to take care of your own parents. For my personal matters, there's no need for you to tell my parents about what's going on with me because they are my parents. I will tell my parents on my own. And this is something that I really mind. I'm okay with things that pertain to me but it's just that when it comes to my family, I hope that no one will bother them."

Fans Messaged Her Parents to Tell Them that Dilraba's Sick 
Dilraba doesn't understand how people can bother other people's parents and finds it very disrespectful. She reveals that she knows exactly who it is and hopes that it won't happen again or she will really get mad. She shared an instance when she was sick and didn't want her parents to know, "Because sometimes I'll get sick while working, I don't want my parents to know. At that time, I'll chat with my mom everyday on WeChat. Every week or every two weeks, we'll occasionally do a video chat but then they will tell my parents how I am and what's going on with me on set. I feel like take care of your parents, there's no need to worry about my parents so I'll get really mad when this happens."

It's clear that the actress feels strongly about the matter considering how many times she repeated her frustrations. Hopefully, her message is heard loud and clear. 

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  1. Fans should really know their boundaries and keep away from the celebrities' private lives. Just support their works if you really like them as you said to be. This obsessive behaviors over the celebrities' lives are getting worse and worse each day.

    1. Totally, these obsessive fans are getting worst and worst ... more like stalkers/harassers not fans ...

  2. Obsessive and dumb fans lol

  3. what the hell that's sick these "fans" need harassment charges