Zhao Liying Hits the Gym and Shows That Strong is Sexy

zhao liying hit the gym
Who would’ve thought that Zanilia Zhao Liying was hiding some amazing biceps beneath her Legend of Fei costume eh? That’s some serious arm goals right there. 

Last night, the actress popped onto Weibo to share some snaps from her recent workout, proving that healthy and fit is also a great look for women everywhere. Captioning her post with “fitness has some advantages”, the actress was wearing a black cropped workout top which clearly showed off her nicely toned back and her sculpted guns mid flex. I wouldn’t even be surprised if this momma’s also got some ripped abs to go with her amazing arms.

After taking some time off following the birth of her son with husband Feng Shaofeng just over a year ago, fans were at first a bit concerned over how quickly the actress managed to shed some of that baby weight off when she started to appear in industry events once more. But now, with all the work she’s been diligently doing for Legend of Fei – fight scenes, wire work and all that jazz, IMHO she’s looking just as gorgeous and so much stronger than ever.

zhao liying gym bod
Sometimes it just takes some inspiration to give us that wee little push and remind us that fabulously toned arms (and body) are totally doable. I don’t know about you but I’m getting myself back on the home workout pronto!  

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  1. I wonder if anyone would find this type of skinniness scary to death when it comes to her instead.

    1. Lols i found this scary... im skinny by myself but im scare of this type of body.. she's a mom for a young baby, right? I understand that she's a celeb but still.. she's a mom after all. Well, different cultures... hope she's fine and happy, that's all matter.

    2. Hey..I wouldn't worry about her, if she can take care of herself then she can take care of her child..like u've said, different culture.
      Her body is well toned.

  2. Why are people always so critical? Don't you see that her biceps are gorgeous? You do know that skinny doesn't = healthy right? I think she's doing great taking care of herself. A lot of actresses are very skinny but they're not very strong so I'm happy to see a change for once with Zhao Liying!

  3. I know I know...Other actresses such as Yang Mi who don't exercise at all and are not strong or healthy. When they show their muscles they are still only weak and don't have any strength to do anything. Just read all those hate comments everytime there is anything about her weight. See the difference?


  4. Great muscle tone! Way to go ZLY! I know how hard it is to be skinny and gain muscles like this!

  5. Love ZLY! Can’t wait for her new drama.