Yuehua Entertainment to Take Legal Action Against Stalker Fan that Has Put a GPS Tracker in Wang Yibo's Car

wang yibo
Legend of Fei which started filming in September 2019 has taken longer than expected with the cast and crew having to halt work for almost two months due to the COVID-19 epidemic before resuming in March 2020. The production finally called it a wrap on April 28, 2020 and for actor Wang Yibo, it means finally leaving Hengdian to return to his busy work schedule.

It seems that his return to normalcy also means dealing with the hassle of sisheng fans (stalker fans). His agency Yuehua Entertainment released a statement dated May 2, 2020 to reveal that a sisheng has installed a GPS tracking device in the car that is being used to take Wang Yibo to his different work schedules. The agency will be taking legal action as it is a serious violation of the actor's rights. 

They further issued some guidelines for everyone to follow: "Don't follow the car, don't chase the car, don't follow the plane! Don't crowd at the airports, hotels, filming locations and other public places. Don't sell itinerary and location that's not been made public and don't leak filmed material and content!" 

Sadly, this kind of thing doesn't surprise me anymore. These are things that don't even need to be said especially with extreme social distancing measures being taken due to the pandemic, yet somehow people still engage in such activities. 
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  1. GPS!!! Goodness, such behaviour needs to be seriously clamped down....

  2. That is so disgusting! How could anyone in their right mind think it's okay to violate someone who don't know them with such invasive attention??? Wishing and hoping all the best to WYB.

  3. Heard others said that there were also listening bugs installed in his hotel room and the police was called to the scene. This makes me think that it is not fans but paparazzi or a hired person who did this in order to see if they can gain any blackmail materials.

    1. Professional Creepy stalker ... they should be arrest or something ...glad his company is taking step to protect him ...