Tao Reproofs President Trump for Telling a Reporter Raising a Question About COVID-19 to Ask China Instead

huang zitao
Singer-actor Huang Zitao landed on the trending list today after lambasting US President Trump with a few choice words saying “Why are you asking China? You MtF?  You yourself are a dumb b*. You still have to mention China did you? Really f*ck you. SB

Tao's heated words were in response to what the US President said to a female reporter when she put in a question regarding his statement about the US doing more testing than any other country. “Americans are losing their lives” she began. “… well they’re losing their lives everywhere in the world and maybe that is a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me, ask China that question” cut in Mr. Trump.

Tao has not been the only celebrity to voice out their feelings about the controversial statements with underlying racist implications made by the US President and his supporters. When Mr. Trump used the term “Chinese virus” to refer to COVID-19 a few months ago, TVB actress Fala Chen immediately called out the tweet and denounced it as intentionally racist. Similarly, Mario Ho, the son of casino mogul Stanley Ho, also wrote a rather lengthy rant on social media after a FOX News host made racist remarks on air.

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  1. Virus came from China. Spanish flu originated in Spain. Those are facts. You need to worry about your own incompetent president before ripping apart the US president.

    1. Exactly. Nobody have problems with the name Spanish Flu or any other contagious disease which have the country of origin in the name. China ain't that special to be offended.
      China did fail and keep on failing at giving all the information and all the correct information about the virus since the beginning of it in their territory (2019).
      China did fail at protecting their citizens and China did fail at not making sure the virus did not get out of the country. The virus is active since the last semester of 2019 or even before.

      Racism have become a joke when it's dropped in a conversation about the virus.

      I hate Trump and everyone else in the world for the damn virus.

    2. Your comment reflects the problems with referring to COVID-19 by a country or region regardless of origin. The Spanish Flu did NOT originate in Spain: it was first reported there. Research indicates that it originated in other countries in Europe or even in Kansas, US. Please don't state "facts" without first doing some research. For example: https://www.kansas.com/news/local/article200880539.html#adnrb=900000

    3. I don't see the problem here. Country of origin or where it was first reported is both China. Trump is a jerk that perpetuates misinformation and racism, but the Chinese govt is no innocent bystander either.

    4. Excuse me? Virus came from China? Please get your facts straight before you spurt nonsense. The virus was brought to the world's attention in Wuhan, China but it no means originated in China. Have you seen the latest development news? France, anyone? And why do you say it's ok for WHO to name viruses/diseases after a group of people? It is because it will perpetuate hate like it is now for not just Chinese but all Asian! The Spanish flu did NOT originate in Spain. It was found to be originated in the US. Should we rename the Spanish Flu the US flu. What about aid? Should we rename that US of Aids?

      People like you are why Trump's racist comments can get by without any consequence. I applaud China for their transparency whereas how did and does the Trump and his administration response?

    5. To 1A - China unfortunately, for you, did not fail their people or country. It is now apparently clear the USA failed and still failing our country and people.

      Do you mean to tell me your watch your news from mainstream US media? Grow up and learn to discern truth from sensational news. The virus was discovered in China but that does not mean it originated in China. At this moment the scientist community is working tirelessly to find patient zero. There were early Covid-19 cases misdiagnosed as flue in France in Nov 2019. So, what does this say? If you are not a scientist but want to play blame game then stop right now. It is truly disgusting how brainwashed you sound.

      Right now we should all be fighting this unknown disease together until a vaccine is found. At this moment, your kind of stifling voices is unwelcome.

    6. Yikes, 1.d and 1.e probably have never heard of Tiananmen either...

      They probably also don't know about PRC selling faulty equipment to Canada, Italy, Spain, UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey,... all while pretending to be humanitarian, of course. Let's not forget that Italy had previously /donated/ PPE to PRC when Wuhan was the epicenter -- and PRC forced Italy to buy them back! At least /those/ probably worked. (Months late, PRC is finally making gestures to check quality of PPE exports. Slow clap.)

      My heart hurts for the Chinese citizens who have been the worst victims of the CCP. The ones who know of the CCP's evils are silenced, like Li Wenliang. The ones who don't are brainwashed and die never finding out, like the thousands dead in Wuhan.

    7. 1f., what the hell does Tiananmen have to do with the Covid situation?! It’s completely irrelevant!

      Stop trying to bring in points that just try to demonise China when you’re on the losing end of the argument

      And regarding your point that China sold faulty equipment and test kits to various countries, it has been clarified that many of those countries obtained their test kits and equipment from private Chinese companies that were NOT on the Chinese government’s approved list of PPE and test kit providers. If those countries are dumb enough to acquire equipment from non-approved companies, that’s their own fault. I suppose you’ve heard of the term “caveat emptor” (buyers beware)? Or maybe not since you seem ignorant and brainwashed

      Also, many of the supposed faulty test kits, such as the ones Spain and the Philippines obtained from private Chinese companies were later found NOT to be faulty, but rather the Spanish and Filipino medical personnel did not know how to properly use the test kits and equipment and did not follow the Chinese company’s protocol for their product

      And India found that they had ordered too many test kits and wanted to back out of their purchase contracts so they lied and claimed the equipment and test kits China supplied were faulty

      Granted, some of the China sourced equipment might have been truly faulty — but that’s the same with ANY product manufactured in ANY part of the world

      Don’t tell me that NONE of the products that America manufactures are completely free of defects?

      Heck, I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and it was defective — had a scramble screen issue. And I had to return it and get a replacement

      So there are defective (some founded, some unfounded) equipment being sold by China? So what?? How’s that the Chinese government’s fault?

      The Chinese companies manufacturing the equipment may be to blame if they didn’t QC their products properly. But which country in the world only has companies that NEVER at any time produces faulty products?? Name one!

      Even the supposedly mighty US of A has companies that produce faulty products, and since we’re on the subject of Covid I’m talking about Covid-related equipment. Just as one example, the rapid test kit produced by Abbott Laboratories (and touted by Trump no less!) has been shown to produce many false negatives — as high as 48% of the time! This is hot off the press today

      And what about that first batch of test kits that the US CDC tried to produce and sent out in Feb/early March which failed to work properly due to lab failures and sub-standard work, which then cost the US precious time (weeks/months) in dealing with the pandemic??

      If you don’t believe me, read these and enlighten yourself:



      So US test kits don’t work. And up till now, there are still US produced test kits that don’t work. *slow clap*

      Any better than China? I don’t think so!

      Need to hold a mirror up to oneself and self-reflect

      C’td below

    8. Continuation of comment at 1g. :

      And unlike what you think, Li Wenliang was not a whistleblower. Read his actual WeChat message and watch the interview he gave from his hospital bed. The events were not at all what the evil Western mainstream media and governments tried to portray

      You don’t need to preach and pretend to hurt for the Chinese people. The Chinese have a mind of their own and are not “victims” of the CCP. In fact, they know how evil America is and how malicious many Westerners are in trying to stoke up trouble and stir them up against their own government. The fact that you think that Chinese people cannot think for themselves shows just how patronising you are. Your attitude sickens the Chinese, rather than inspires the “gratitude” that you think/wish that it does

      My heart hurts for YOU, a Western corporate MSM brainwashed hypocritical ignoramus who, like the nearly hundred thousand dead in the US, will never find out because you’re so deluded

      A word of advice: don’t just follow Western Corporate MSM like Fox News, BBC, CNN etc. Try widening your mind and opening your eyes to a greater truth and try RT (Russia), CGTN (China), CNA (Singapore), the Grayzone (American). You will find your mind blown and yourself 100 x smarter

    9. We don't need to use angrier words to respond to each other. We're all just adding fuel to the fire here. If we don't want people to blame China/the Chinese/Asians in general, then we shouldn't react so offensively and explosively. That's the problem with the world today and why we're so divisive. We can't talk and debate calmly without throwing out insults, and it just pushes people who disagree with us further away from understanding our point of view. To be honest, I think there are lies from all governments. None of the governments are squeaky clean. I don't believe for a minute that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, but I also don't believe the US military planted it. Two wrongs don't make a right. Lets not stoop to the childish behavior of the political leaders, they all have their motives, whether to restore faith from their citizens or shift blame. Instead lets just all agree that mother nature planted this virus to teach us to be better to the earth, and that we don't need 75% of the things we buy that pollutes the world. Lets just get through this together.

    10. LOL, to 1f, yikes, you probably only heard the highly publicized western version of Tienanmen. I highly implore you to seek more truths to your half truths: tank man was never ran over; there are more soldiers died in the square then students/civilians; there are leaked videos showing student leaders waiting blood on the soldiers' hands so the rest of the students will get embolden as many of students were starting to rethink the protest; before the tragic event soldiers were killed and set on fire in public. These are just some of the truths that were never told on western media. Oh, and the other parts, thanks to 1g for providing clarity for this person. No government is perfect but once a country is being swamped with malicious intent and with a clear agenda by another government then you got to question if there is any truth to the claims. Learn to discern and broaden your views instead of getting on the bandwagon of such bias mainstream view. Seek various sources and learn to be an independent thinker.

    11. 1.g/h, 1.j: the irony would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.

      I hope one day you learn, but today is clearly not the day. Best of luck!

    12. It's not about the president giving it a name but the intention behind it. That's just pure racist. He is basically saying it's China's fault when there's literally no proof that they purposely spread it to other countries or even that it originated there in the first place. It's a freakin' virus. It can't be controlled by the government or whoever you guys find to blame.
      I've been seeing a lot of comments on social media lately about Covid-19 being a Chinese man-made virus. Like wtf? Why would they want to harm their own people? All of you who are defending Trump clearly have not been keeping up with unbiased news that have not been censored one way or the other.
      This is what is making these times harder, when everyone starts blaming other people for a problem the whole WORLD is going through together, especially since it is a PANDEMIC. What, do you expect the Chinese government to take back the virus or something? How are they going to that?

  2. I am very sad to see what is happening to Tao, after his dramas with pure chinese propaganda on heightening chinese nationalism to putting all the blame to foreigners and making their characters as villains. Why wouldn't trump mention china? they have the highest cases in the world, it's just that their government, the ccp manipulated and hid the real figures even up till now and silenced any chinese citizen exposing the truth

    1. each goverment is responsible for the health of their country , yes covid-19 begun in china but i dont think they are responsible ofr the people in usa d making protest against the quarentine, not respecting and not believing the facts about this desease , ted cruz congratulating a hair stylist for open her salon or donald trump late response to the outbreak ,but he is on campain of course he has to blame others and what is better than blame others anyway his followers are as xenofobic as him

    2. China has the highest cases in the world?! China knowingly manipulated their numbers?? Where’s the EVIDENCE for this??

      It is merely pure speculation on YOUR part and the US’s part!

      Also, China silenced its citizens for trying to report their “real” numbers?? Again, where’s the proof?!

      I’m not asking for empty accusations or mere speculation, but actual evidence

      The numbers being reported in almost every country are far from accurate. For example, the numbers being reported in the UK and the US are under-reported because they only count deaths from Covid if the infected person died in a hospital. Those that died at home are not counted, even if they tested positive for Covid or showed all the symptoms

      Also, if the numbers being reported in the US are so accurate, please explain the discrepancy in the daily numbers being reported by the US CDC and Johns Hopkins.

      Today, Trump himself questioned the methodology being used by the CDC to calculate the daily Covid numbers in the US just because he didn’t like the fact that the death toll looks high and might spoil his re-election chances. Who’s the one trying to manipulate and hide numbers, huh??

      Besides, which country can truly say that their numbers are totally accurate when there are many asymptomatic carriers around who have been infected with Covid but do not show symptoms, either ever or until later?

      No country’s numbers are fool-proof unless you test every single person in the country

      And with hindsight accounting, slight revisions in numbers are to be expected in any country

      Oh, and you want evidence of a country, namely the US of A, deliberately misreporting and seriously downplaying the reported numbers of H1N1 swine flu cases in 2009?

      Then enlighten yourself and watch this: https://youtu.be/rJiKxV4rTCQ

      The US CDC first reported that there were 27,717 cases of H1N1 in the US when it was later revealed that the real number was around 14 million(!).
      And then later on as time went on they updated the number to 22 million. When some news agencies such as Associated Press did an investigation that doubted that number, 2 days later (having been caught misreporting the numbers) the CDC magically revised the number up to nearly 50 million(!!)

      *Slow Clap* *Snort*

      Anon 2, you sure don’t know what you’re talking about so shut up with your double-standard hypocrisy and ignorance!

  3. We don't need to use angrier words to respond to each other. We're all just adding fuel to the fire here. If we don't want people to blame China/the Chinese/Asians in general, then we shouldn't react so offensively and explosively. That's the problem with the world today and why we're so divisive. We can't talk and debate calmly without throwing out insults, and it just pushes people who disagree with us further away from understanding our point of view. To be honest, I think there are lies from all governments. None of the governments are squeaky clean. I don't believe for a minute that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, but I also don't believe the US military planted it. Two wrongs don't make a right. Lets not stoop to the childish behavior of the political leaders, they all have their motives, whether to restore faith from their citizens or shift blame. Instead lets just all agree that mother nature planted this virus to teach us to be better to the earth, and that we don't need 75% of the things we buy that pollutes the world. Lets just get through this together.

    1. Right, then who starts pointing finger first? Many countries are advocating for world collaboration on this pandemic but seems like one country is trying their best to shift blame as they cannot and does not have the capabilities to work together to contain the virus in their home turf.

    2. we're going to go with the "he started it" argument? just because someone throws the stone first, doesn't mean it's okay to throw it back. the US honestly has no one to blame but themselves. countries outside the US all got the information at the same time and look how well other countries are handling it. just let them self implode.

    3. To 3b, I am making point that the US starts to shift blame when they are in the hot seat and cannot handle the virus on their own. Instead of working with their health professionals the president and US mainstream media make China the bogeyman and it's becoming a political blame game now for them. While this is happening their people are dying at record numbers as well as confirmed cases. China, for their part, at first there were a few countering voices that the virus may came from the US but now all voices coming out of China advocate for science and collaboration with nations to fight against this pandemic. Now, look at the vaccine situation. Who is now playing dirty and trying to buy their way to the vaccine first? The country that thinks it is the best but are now clear to everyone that it are a failing country. Yes, like your last sentence, the US is slowly implode upon itself for such incompetent, blatant accusations, and its lack of care for its citizen's well being. We'll see how long the US will stand on their own on this one.

    4. I think the situation in the US is also much worse because of Americans being used to what they consider their civil liberties and personal rights. While a majority of the american citizens are probably taking it seriously, there are many who think they feel like they're being treated like children and that governors who issued lockdowns (before the president even did) were infringing on their basic rights. They lack a collective sense of community that asian countries have. Asian countries were so much closer to the center of the first outbreak in Wuhan, yet their infection and death rate are so much lower. Asians understand that you have a personal responsibility for the greater good. This independence and strong willed culture that worked for Americans before when they were prospering is backfiring on them now.

    5. I don't disagree with you 3b. I think my problem with the way Huang Zitao responded is that it doesn't do anything to help the situation. It doesn't promote working together, it doesn't promote clarification of misinformation, it creates more division. He's celebrity and a role model. I wish he could promote healthier responses. Of course, he's entitled to his own personality and can act however he wishes. And my personal approach is to not give the idiots like Trump or any crazy person on fox news attention and continue to promote facts where I can.

  4. I don't think it matter on which side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, we all can agree that the fact the the Chinese govern lied and tried to keep the rest of the world from learning accurate information about this virus helped on its spread. Not only that but a lot of lives are on their hands. Mainly Chinese citizens that were silenced or all of the sudden disappeared from trying to spread what was happening. And then to add on it they engaged on a disinformation campaign trying to blame other countries for the coronavirus. They were selling faulty test and PPE to countries battling the coronavirus and making it seem like they were doing a good deed.
    I also don't see anything wrong on letting people know the virus originated in China. It helps on preventing disinformation campaigns spread by China. I don't think knowing the origin is racist by itself. Now is there an increase in racism after the coronavirus? I think so, but trying to cloud the origin of the virus is unlikely to change that.

    1. It is not a matter of naming Covid-19 rather it is the intention of it. Everyone is aware that the virus was first make known in China, no can deny it? But Trump and his administration is tagging Wuhan, China as the ORIGIN. Read between the line. There is a difference. Covid-19 short for Coronavirus 2019 because that was when the first known case, in China at that time but now there is another known case in France at the same time. So, what is your take on that? Not sure if you are just turning a blind eye and have not been reading the comments above but the Chinese government was fastest in informing WHO and the rest of the world on the newly discovered Covid-19. Let's take a look at the timeline in the video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO5EXjFKE7U Although I have my doubts as you already have your opinion set.

    2. I'm not trying to argue with you 4.a but just curious about your France + China timeline. I thought the first known case in China was traced back to mid November, whereas the France case was December?

    3. To 4b. I think we need to be clear about the dates that the first case was reported and the probable dates of infection, given the incubation period. The first report up to authorities by Wuhan doctors that they think they were seeing a new disease was on 26 Dec. Investigations commenced and they started to track backwards (similarly to the French & US reviewing their old pneumonia cases now) to try and determine the earliest cases. People need to understand that this was a NEW disease of which ZERO was known. China reported to the WHO on 31st Dec that there is a new mystery disease. I failed to understand how there is a deliberate cover-up by China. Even if one or 2 weeks' delay was considered "slow", surely allowance should be given that nobody knew what it was. Even now, 5 months later, we are still discovering new things about this virus. With the reviewing of old cases by France, Italy and US which indicated that Covid-19 was already in their midst much much earlier, it just shows that all these countries also failed to discover it at that time and in fact still failed to discover it even after China already shared the Covid-19 virus genome sequence to WHO by 12th Jan.

    4. thanks for the clarification 4c!