Spruce Up Your Quarantine 'Mask Look' with a Makeup Tutorial from Zhang Yuxi

zhang yuxi
Judging from the amount of makeup looks she's been posting on her page, actress Zhang Yuxi seems to enjoy dabbling around with makeup to create pretty looks. So if you want to put a wee bit more effort on your au naturel face for your zoom calls or looking for ways to level up your “woke up like this” aka “just rolled out of bed, ran a brush through my hair” lewk on your weekly essential run to the grocer’s, Zhang Yuxi's leveled up version of a winged eyeliner look might be a fun one to try out. 

As the eyes are the windows to your soul and frankly speaking the only thing visible when wearing a mask, makes sense to do ‘em up once in a while to not feel so blah these days.

zhang yuxi
To cop her glittery blue winged eye look, the actress first recommends putting a bit of tape to mark off the spot where the icy blue shadow she next popped on just at the corner of her eye should stop. Remove the tape afterwards and line your eyes with a blue liquid eyeliner, sticking as close to your lashes as possible and winging it out at the end.

zhang yuxi makeup
Next, to make things a bit more extra, snip off a length of shimmery blue silk thread (I reckon you can just replace this with a glitter liquid liner if you haven’t got any silk thread lying around) to the length of your eye shape and stick it on top of the blue liner with an eyelash glue for a little eye bling. 

Then take a matte blue eyeshadow in the same cool blue family and partially line the first quarter of your lower lashes.To finish off the look, pop on some shimmery white eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eye and be sure to coat your lashes with a few extra strokes of mascara. Et voila!

zhang yuxi
But if you’re keen to put on even more bling, grab some sparkly star decals and stick one on the opposite eye to really make it pop! 

zhang yuxi frackled look
Zhang Yuxi's version of freckle makeup

zhang yuxi art
The actress also enjoys drawing during her free time. Which makes it unsurprising for her to express her artistry on her makeup as well. She is currently in the romance drama Intense Love

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  1. I just love her because she so beautiful...her acting also is not bad...so i hope in the future she will be more better and popular

  2. she's very pretty and i like her masked look. quarantine has been hard but thank god i get to relax with your dose of entertainment news. by the way, i dont see any updates from binge-watcher? is she alright?

    1. Aww thank you for letting us give you some sort of escapism during this crazy time! Binge-watcher has been on a little break and like you, we miss her too. I'm sure she'll be happy to learn she's been missed. Take care :D

  3. Lols, what a positive vibe. I currently is watching her new drama, but no engsub available, but that's alright, and she looks pretty. I like this kind of cool actresses... they do what they like. Good for her.