New Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber Film Announces Cast with Raymond Lam Taking Up the Mantle from Jet Li

raymond lam jet li
Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Jing has recently announced the main cast of his new Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber movie which will star Raymond LamJanice ManSabrina Qiu Yinong and more.

raymond lam janice man sabrina qiu
It will be the follow-up to the 1993 action flick Kung Fu Cult Master which still owes its viewers a proper ending to this day! As much as I loved the movie which was basically part of my childhood, it was a given that the cast of Jet Li, Sharla CheungGigi Lai and Chingmy Yau who are mostly in their late forties to late fifties won't be able to reprise their roles. I personally think it would be safer to go with a cast of unknowns, but it turns that my expectations have been subverted since all the rumors that were floating around turned out to be true. The new Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber will feature a cast of Hong Kong veteran stars!

louis koo kung fu cult master
I'm still shocked to see Raymond Lam as the new Zhang Wuji just because the actor feels so much older than the character, then I slowly come to the realization of having to digest the news that Louis Koo will indeed be playing Raymond Lam's father as Zhang Cuishan. Meanwhile, Donnie Yen takes over Sammo Hung's role as tai chi master Zhang Sanfeng.

donnie yen kung fu cult master sequel
At least Elvis Tsui is back. Even though it's been 13 years, he can reprise his role as the Golden-Haired Lion any day. Chen Zihan who is no stranger to wuxia and even played Zhu Er in the 2002 drama adaptation of Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber will now be playing Zishan Longwang. See full cast below. 

Raymond Lam as Zhang Wuji
Janice Man as Zhao Min
Sabrina Qiu Yinong as Zhou Zhiruo
Chen Zihan as Zishan Longwang
Wilfred Lau as Song Qingshu 
Rebecca Zhu as Yin Susu
Louis Koo as Zhang Cuishan
Donnie Yen as Zhang Sanfeng
Elvis Tsui as Jin Mao Shi Wang
Alex Fong as Yang Xiao
Raymond Wong Ho-yin as Qing Yi Fu Wang
Felix Lok as Bai Mei Ying Wang
Derek Kok as Ku Tou Tuo
Jade Leung as Miejue Shitai
Tin Kai-man and Lam Chi-chung as Huashan Erlao
Yu Xing as Cheng Kun
Actress playing the role of Xiao Zhao still under wraps

kung fu cult master
It's often exciting to find so many familiar names but oddly enough, I'm underwhelmed and a little confused. Some characters feel like a total miscast. Moreover, Wong Jing had said that the movie will continue the story of Zhang Wuji as he goes after Zhao Ming in Dadu but characters that are dead are also in the movie. So what's it gonna be - sequel, remake or both?

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  1. You’re kidding me. Rebecca Zhu’s as Raymond’s mother and Louis’ love interest??? She sucks! Should have been Jade Leung. What a miscast!

  2. Lol everything seems so wacky. Did the story freeze in time and the chapter ages? Raymond Lam looks so old as ZWJ. The heck its like Lawrence Ng Repeat.

  3. Heard Dilraba or Dilireba will be cast as Siu Chiu!?

    Not sure if it is 100% confirmed, as her features fit in Siu Chiu being Persian princess.

    1. Where did you hear that? I thought Dilraba is filming a princess change at the moment? Gulin Nazha looks the part too.

    2. correction:
      not Siu Chiu, but Xiaozhao (hokkian: Siao Ciao)
      not Persian princess, but holy maiden of persian ming cult

  4. LOL, I was hyped with the initial news but now ehhh. My expectation just got lowered to the lowest. I truly hope I will be proven wrong...

  5. Genuine bewilderment: but why?

    I mean given that there was the first movie that ended on a cliffhanger I can /possibly/ see the motivation, but when have movie interpretations of wuxia ever been able to capture even 1/10th of the work?

    (Consider: the 1986 TVB adaptation had 40 episodes as a reasonably faithful adaptation without extraneous material. Each episode is 45min. A movie is 3hr at *max* before we start getting into LotR or Gone with the Wind territory. That's 4 episodes, literally 1/10th of 40.)

  6. They messed up when they left it as a cliffhanger so many years ago. No one can replace the characters of the original for me. Definite skip.

  7. Trying to cash in on Disney's Mulan. Jet Li. Donnie Yen both in Mulan. They probably thought it ez money putting out anything related to these two. I mean West money kind of ez as most Asians will find this sequel rather cheesy.

  8. Wow got suprised at how old Raymond Lam looks here. He lost quite some weight since last time I saw a pic of him oO And as ZWJ??? Wtf that's so weird.