It's an SM Reunion with Former EXO members Kris, Luhan and Tao Together for Produce Camp 2020

It's an SM Reunion with former EXO members Kris, Luhan and Tao Together for Produce Camp 2020
So it's true! Next week's episode of Produce Camp 2020 (Chuang) 创造营2020 teases a scene of Huang Zitao and Luhan introducing Kris Wu as a special mentor on the show! Kris's participation was rumored since last week after he was spotted heading to the set of Produce Camp. 

Produce Camp 2020 is the third season of China's version of Produce 101 born from the South Korean where aspiring idols compete to debut as a girl group. The four main mentors are Huang Zitao, Luhan, Mao Buyi and Victoria Song

It already felt like a brilliant feat for the show to have managed to bring together Tao and Luhan but now that Kris is also joining, it looks like nothing is impossible! All three are former members of the boy group EXO. But really, it's a full on reunion of former SM Entertainment artists with Victoria Song being a former member of the girl group f(x)

With its rival show Youth with You 2 青春有你2 premiering back in March and Produce Camp 2020 only premiering in May, it feels like the show is pulling out all the stops and it's working because I cannot wait for this! Catch them in the next episode of Produce Camp 2020 airing 8pm this Saturday (May 16) on Tencent!

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  1. Im looking forward to it too. Im enjoying both shows