Gillian Chung and Husband Michael Lai in Splitsville After Two Years of Marriage

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Just when you thought Friday was winding down to a quiet close, word of a celebrity divorce just rocked the entertainment industry when news broke of Gillian Chung divorcing her husband Michael Lai.

According to media reports, Gillian, one half of the Cantopop group TWINS, was the one who initiated the proceedings after just two years of marriage. A fact confirmed by her now ex-husband who revealed that they both signed papers last March 1, saying “she doesn’t love me” as the reason for the split.

In a long post on social media, Michael also wrote today “I am single again, everything happened so suddenly.”  After reminiscing the good times of the almost three year relationship they both shared as a couple, he said that Gillian started acting coldly towards him after their glamorous LA pre-wedding party held at the Millennium Biltmore in 2018. When he confronted her about it, Gillian said that she regretted marrying him (ouch), that she didn’t love him very much and that she felt she wasn’t quite suitable for marriage. However, after talking things through, the couple both decided to try and make things work. The couple held another grand and star-studded wedding ceremony in Hong Kong in December 2018. 

Unfortunately, the relationship was still doomed, because in March of this year, Michael Lai said that Gillian gave him a call and said “I'm sorry, I thought I would fall in love with you slowly after marriage, but there really is no way.” He adds that when Gillian mentioned separating to him, he still thought she was joking until he received the signed papers from her.  Gillian’s ex said that he thinks that they will both be friends in the future and that given the chance to do it all again (knowing thing as he did now), he’d go ahead and do it all over – proposing and marrying her.

我又單身了,一切發生的很突然。 記得2月我到馬來西亞探妳的班我們一起運動,我要離開時妳還說想送我到機場,因為疫情我們不知道何時能再見。 將近三年的相處時光像一場美夢般美好,我們去了夏威夷跳傘,去了東京吃壽司,去京都吃懷石料理,去了荷蘭、比利時、馬爾地夫,去了英國錄了我第一次的真人秀,去了LA辦了婚前派對,去了墨西哥拍了我們冷的要死的水底婚紗照,去了澳洲陪妳工作。 記得第一次去成都看妳的演唱會,我開完笑的問原來妳麽紅,妳還驕傲的跟我說:妳才知道妳老婆多火。 記得武漢的演唱會下著大雪路面結冰,妳的妝髮師過不來,我們在後臺緊張的跳腳。記得西寧的演唱會,記得澳門的演唱會,我爸媽在臺下感動的哭了。 聽了妳這麼多場LOL,我還是聽不膩,妳是一位如此優秀的演員、歌手、artist。 我不只深愛著妳,也是妳的終實粉絲。 我們在香港辦了眾星雲集的盛大婚禮,是我這輩子想都沒想過的事,英皇集團全部人如此幫忙,我們得到了大家的祝福,對我一個小醫師來說,真的是想都不敢想。 妳對我是如此的好,送了我手錶,送我衣服,送到我叫妳不要再送了,妳還是忍不住要幫我買。為了我飛來飛去,常常來台灣陪我。記得我們一起追劇、一起玩switch、一起拼樂高,記得妳知道我出差辛苦,回來時總是把家打掃乾淨,笑著跟我說:老公我很棒吧,我當時有多感動。 妳也時常鼓勵我,說我的技術這麼好,為什麼不自己出來做。想起越診所開幕時妳來幫忙剪綵,像個老闆娘ㄧ樣忙進忙出,歷歷在目,這輩子都報不了這個恩情。 回想2018時,LA的婚前派隊後妳突然變的冷淡,我問妳為什麼,妳跟我說妳後悔了,妳沒有很愛我,覺得自己不適合婚姻,我們討論了許久,還是決定再一起努力。 今年3月,妳打來跟我說:對不起,以為婚後會慢慢愛上我,但真的沒辦法,想要分開時,我還以為妳在開完笑。 直到收到妳寄來簽了字的分居協議,我從難過到憤怒到失落到接受現實,我想人生就是如此,雖然到現在我還走不出來,但謝謝妳誠實的告訴我妳的感受,讓我們可以走向不同的未來。 好久沒聯絡了,但妳想必也跟我ㄧ樣難過吧!想到妳獨自在家跟QQ,還有嬌媽、妹妹、表姊、豪仔的失望,心裡還是不捨。 我想以後我跟嬌還會是朋友,她是我遇過最善良、最單純、最勇敢、最美麗的女人,只是她不愛我了。 謝謝妳曾經給我的一切,如果重來一次,我還是會跟妳求婚,和妳結婚。 下次來台北我們再一起去喝運頓梗湯吧! (以後關於婚姻的問題,不再做任何回應)
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There are always two sides to a story and we’ve heard the ex-husband’s take on this. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if we’ll be hearing anything more from Gillian’s side. After basically confirming that both parties have signed the papers, her agency said that this is private matter between Michael and herself and that they won’t be answering any more questions regarding her marriage.

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  1. "He said that Gillian started acting coldly towards him after their glamorous LA pre-wedding party held at the Millennium Biltmore in 2018. When he confronted her about it, Gillian said that she regretted marrying him (ouch), that she didn’t love him very much and that she felt she wasn’t quite suitable for marriage..." If this is true then this girl took this marriage like a game. How sad!!! She is wasting all the money, energy & etc. for nothing.

    1. You’re only listening from one side. He broke their agreement which makes him look bad already

  2. Wow! If this was really how she was...that's very disappointing. If she didn't love him she should of never married. I honestly don't know what she will come back to the entertainment business because since the Edison Chen incident I don't think she's getting much work already. With this, she's for sure doom in this industry. I hope she defends herself because if all the things he says is true...woman, think for yourself jeez, you should of known and I don't feel bad for you.

  3. If you gonna keep your mouth shut when it matters most to make like your behavioral, then do so because years later, when no one cares anymore it would be pointless. For example, like her scandal with Edison. He's happily with his family and she later comes out and says how disappoint she is in him and how it effected her career, which seems more like trying to get attention for a dying career.

    If she was a better actress and more opportunity are available for older actresses, I feel she could still be successful, but unfortunately it's not the case.

  4. You guys are only hearing one story. Michael is known for being a playboy. His first marriage before Gillian lasted 6 months. And after marriage with Gillian he’s still known for being flirtatious. And for a guy that still “loves” Gillian, the fact he chose to make a post online that basically blamed Gillian for not loving him. This shows how he’s not a good man. If he really loved her he wouldn’t air it online. By saying those things in that post he knows Gillian would get attacked. Gillian hasn’t said a thing about him. Gillians close friends said the reason for the split is cause he was too immature and too flirty even after marriage.

    Look at Jai Nailang hasn’t said a thing about Li Xiaolu other than saying he got divorced. Myolie and Bosco dated for like 5 years after they split either side didn’t blame anyone. Kenneth defended Jacqueline after the Onsum cheating scandal and had nothing mean to say about her. When Mao Xiaotongs boyfriend cheated she didn’t say anything other than along the lines of “she couldn’t believed it happen”. Yang Mi and Hawick both parties never revealed what happened and stayed silent. These are examples of the love they had for each other at one point so even after the breakups they choose to not say anything that would effect the other party.

    1. I agree with you with some stuff here. From what i got about this couple.
      1. He is flirty & immature even after the marriage.
      2. She wanted to get married, but wasn't ready for it.
      3. She is a big spender.

      It's a disaster recipe for a marriage period.

  5. For some reason, I seem to get the impression of her being more into him than he into her before this and the news that she is not in love with him.

    I think because of the news about his relationship history before their marriage and their photos with Gillian usually leaning more into him.

    But I could always be wrong with all these different things coming out about them.

    Hoping they find their happiness and this he said she said doesn't get too crazy!