Zhang Chao Denies Ex's Claims that He Cheated with Actresses Like Jin Chen and Deng Yuli, But Says Sorry for Bad Breakup

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Actor Juck Zhang Chao who's been in the industry for over a decade drew attention last year as the romantic lead of the web drama Somewhere Only We Know. While it seems that his career could only go up, he has suddenly found himself in the middle of a scandal after his ex went on a long rant accusing him of cheating with multiple actresses. 

His ex Zhao Gege took to Weibo to says that it's laughable and shameful for her friends to see that she's not doing well, but she is indeed not doing well. Having been in a relationship with Zhang Chao for over a year, she says that like a fool, she believed when he said that he'd take care of her. However, on one side, he'd say that he will marry her yet on the other, he's cheating on her. She writes, "on one side, she's having sex everyday with another woman, I asked him, don't you miss me during the epidemic? He says the whole country is anxious, what's there to think about"

zhao gege
She claims, "He's cheated on me over and over again, Jin Chen, Deng Yuli and Ai Li are just some that I discovered what about those that I did not discover?"

She also said that his carefully crafted image is disgusting since he's a jerk who threatened her by saying that he'll throw acid on her, beat her and send her to prison. She adds, "If one day something happens to me, he is the number one suspect. Thank you. His PR team shouldn't try to clean this up, he's still not popular at this age, isn't it obvious why? I will slowly share more details later on."

ku ge
Those are strong accusations that she's making which she's followed up by more accusations and screenshots of alleged conversations with Zhang Chao that she released on her social media throughout the day. She also claims that Zhang Chao sent her flowers on Valentine's Day only for her to find out that another bouquet was sent to actress Deng Yuli. When she caught them, Deng Yuli said, "I don't mind, you shouldn't mind either." 

In response, Zhang Chao has said, "Very sorry, I didn't think that after my relationship has ended, my relationship problems will be publicizied for discussion. Zhao Gege and I dated before but we have parted ways. In the breakup, I did not handle it well and I'm very sorry for the harm it has caused her. In this relationship, there is only the two of us, and I'm sorry to the innocents who were pulled into this."

Actress Jin Chen who recently worked with Zhang Chao in a drama literally shoots down the rumors with a photo of herself holding a gun and the caption, "Why is the shit basin 💩being thrown to anyone (refers to being slandered)... So angry that I laugh, why does this happen." 

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  1. Will he be put into a freezer for afew year? I wonder.

  2. I really liked him in the drama Somewhere Only We Know, hopefully this news wouldn't be a big hit to his career

    1. If it's true that he threated to throw acid on a woman's face and put her to jail because he thinks he so famous and has so many fans to protect him he can do what he want, you want to be his fan? Girl... Anybody in this world can act, they just don't have the connection to become an actor. Turning handsoome/pretty is so easy too, just do plastic surgery like him. He's not even a special actor, or the only actor alive.

  3. WOW that woman is unstable! Better to leave her! If you know the guy is crap, why even bother! I guess she has to take his rice bowl.

  4. He looks ugly like a plastic doll and all the girls look so beautiful but too bad none of them are good people. Dating a dirtbag so long, I guess she is too desperate (maybe for the rice bowl like somebody say above). And the other ladies dating a scum who already has a gf. Nobody is the better person in the affairs.

  5. I don't know the guy, but the lady sounded like a psychopath.

  6. Hm...INTERESTING! When Jiang Jinfu beat up his girlfriend who cheated on him, everybody on this site was protecting the girlfriend.

    Now the guy is abusive when he's the cheater and also said will harm her, everybody is no longer feminist. I am 2.a and 4, the only person who worries for the ex girlfriend. She should not take her relationship to public, but her claim is understandable too because he threaten to do horrible stuff to her so she might want others to know if something happens then it's him. If her claim is proved false then say anything bad you want to her. But at this point, you guys are disgusting. I don't know if yall just think he's good lookin or what, I wonder what happened to those strong feminist before. They were super loud and almost annoying, now they all gone eh?