Yang Mi and Bai Yu's Thank You, Doctor Unable to Resume Filming?

yang mi bai yu medical drama
Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 which promises the anticipated collaboration between Yang Mi and Bai Yu was among the first batch of dramas to halt filming with the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in China back in January. As the entertainment industry slowly gets back on its feet, the list of productions that have resumed work in major studios like Hengdian and Xiangshan Film and Television Town have also grown since March. 

Unfortunately, Thank You, Doctor doesn't seem to be on the list. The word on the internet is that it's having trouble obtaining government approval due to its filming location, set at a hospital in Ningbo, thus making it unconducive for prevention and control measures. Due to the number of scenes that were already shot, it doesn't seem practical to build new sets from scratch. If the rumors are to be believed, Thank You, Doctor is postponed indefinitely which means that the cast will have to move on to other projects for the time being. 

With no official announcement yet, I sure hope this isn't true but I did wonder why Thank You, Doctor hasn't resumed work. Nonetheless, it's best to put safety first and this is one drama I'd be willing to wait for. Given its medical theme, it does seem to hold more meaning especially in these trying times. 

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  1. I was waiting for this one!!! T_T

  2. They shouldn't resume and the drama wont do well bc people are still upset.
    the theme of this drama is reminding them of the sad things. people wont be able to apprecieate the drama during time like this. they should start new projets and halt this one.

  3. I remember reading a rumour post about this drama- they were excited that they're filming a medical team drama since NRTA may want to push medical theme drama asap due to the current situation, this was sometimes in Jan. So they try to fast-tracked the drama and it was scheduled to be aired in second half of the year.

    Back then I feel that post was insensitive, like they want to take advantage of the situation. People have died. Please, to whoever thinking that way, please be a bit more aware of the nation's grief.