Xiao Zhan's Lawyers Issue Letter Against Internet Users Spreading False Statements and Insults Against Him

xiao zhan
After a long silence from both Xiao Zhan and his studio, we are beginning to see the actor become active again through his recent social media posts and his new single that dropped. His studio has also finally sprung into action against a portion of internet users that were attacking the actor. 

xiao zhan studio
In a statement dated April 21, 2020, his studio listed three Weibo users that have been publicly sharing photo and video content claiming that Xiao Zhan fans have been spreading words on QQ that go against the political trend. As such, his studio stresses that Xiao Zhan loves his country, that the discussions online are nothing more than a malicious attempt to smear Xiao Zhan's reputation and that the case has been reported to the police. Furthermore, there have been imposters pretending to be Xiao Zhan himself or a staff of his studio in order to spread false statements, scam his fans for their money, instigate cyberbullying and other actions that have caused serious damage to Xiao Zhan's reputation. They have turned the matter over to their lawyers. 

xiao zhan lawyer
In a quick turnaround, Xiao Zhan's lawyers at Beijing Yongzhe Law Firm have released another statement dated April 23, 2020. They indicate that some internet users have organized and premeditated the spread of wide-scale false and insulting remarks on various social platforms that target Xiao Zhan's personal life, career and activities. It includes making up their client's emotional history, twisting their client's charitable actions and fabricating lies that the client has instructed his fans to engage in reporting (for censorship). 

Their statement further says, "The above actions not only infringe Xiao Zhan's legitimate rights and interests and caused great distress to him but also severely disrupted the proper order in the internet. During the important time of the epidemic, Xiao Zhan has maintained the utmost tolerance and restraint to avoid taking up public resources. He has focused on his work and actively assumed the social responsibilities of an artist. However, the attacks against Xiao Zhan have intensified and broken the law." His lawyers stress that work is being done to safeguard the rights of their client and that offenders will be severely punished. 

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  1. I’m relieved that he’s finally taking legal actions, and that fact that his team waited until after the lockdown so they are not using up public resources during a time of pandemic. Also I stan the King of trending.

  2. Yay!!! That's a way to go Xiao Zhan. Yes. You have to stop those monsters for all the bad things they are doing. Hopefully they will get punished heavily for it. I can't wait to see all your works again. I will always support you.

  3. Good on him and the company. Need to take out the trash commenters as necessary.

  4. They should have started to take action before all the scandals happened. His studio did nothing to sue fans (there are fans doing it), haters and anyone who caused harm to Xiao Zhan. They should have sued fans who created absurd and harmful fiction which ended causing harm to Xiao Zhan.
    So now they are suing others for defamation but stay silent when his fans were practically bullying other people.
    I know the fandom who come here will say the people causing everything are nor really fans, but they're fans, anyone who have proof to be a fan is a fan.

    1. XZ's fans: Should get sue
      Haters who hate XZ: Should get sue
      Haters who hate XZ's fans(you): Should get sue

      The fans were sued already, but just because the article didn't call them fans (can't prove if they are real fans, but it's proved they caused defamation) doesn't mean he was being biased and didn't sue them.

      You really should just keep trying to cause him more trouble by blaming his fans. Try harder next time ok?

    2. @ 4.a

      I agree with you. This person wanted to start trouble again. Why can't people just be happy for a nice, talented, hard working person like Xiao Zhan. Is that so hard to do? Xiao Zhan's REAL fans - please don't fall into this trap or the similar ones ok. Thanks!

    3. @4
      Fans or not,Xiao zhan never ask them to do it for him.
      If you want to go with this, then every celebs need to sue people who call themself fans for all their behaviours and also when fanwars happen and they attacking other celebs, right?for what I see the one who will sue those people are the celebs who get the attacks, not their idols.
      For example the fanwars between yangzi and dilireba fans last week, it was yangzi who sued some dilireba fans, same with dilireba who sued her antis that happen to be yangzi fans.
      Also writing fiction and reporting is not crime, while defamation, framed him, fabricated his past/private and many things people did this past 2 months are crimes.
      His lawyers also didn't mention who he will sue.
      stop blaming xiao zhan for anything, he is not a god that can control everything and everyone.

  5. He deserved all the best. Good thing him and his studio are taking legal actions to sue those people that are horrible human beings. There should be a law enforced to protect celebrities against malicious ill-intent towards celebrity. If there isn't already. All the best to XZ. Hope he sees this lol.

  6. Sometimes you just have to be calm during troubling time. You cannot attack the war with rage and hot temper, you need to think and plan a strategy to win a battle. I think that was XZ is thinking during that time, that it takes him until now to decide to fight back. Maybe he thought that this craziness and foolishness will subside as time goes by but that didn't happen, so he had to take his last recourse. So i am cheering for him. These "lamebrained/knuckleheaded" will get what they deserve. I need to watch "The majesty Wolf" or "The wolf"..I'm not sure of the correct title of his next drama. I've read different press releases but i am excited for his future projects. Go Xiao Zhan!!!

  7. Boundaries needs to be set and line draw very clearly....Those keyboard cowards must be punished.

    1. @Hohliu Boundaries WERE set long ago and line drawn-n-n already, some people went over them.

      Just pretend that people invaded into your property, do you still need to announce to the world about how you set some boundaries with them?

      The answer is no bc you don't have to do such things. They should know their boundary well enough already, needless for you to teach them such basics.
      And then there goes people saying it's your own fault bc your security sucks and needed upgrade, how would you feel? Worse is blaming you for not setting a boundary that was already set.

    2. @Anonymous, you are wrong. For normal, respected people we know where the Boundaries lie. For obsessive and disrespectful people, the law need to draw those boundaries for them.
      The physiology of each of us are different. Generally everyone knows what they can do and what they cant do...But there are also groups of people that do not care about crossing lines and over staying their welcome.

    3. @Hohliu LOL I'm going to cross over some boundaries (basically, the law) and my excuses is cuz I'm obsessive and disrespectful. Sounds about right.