Tiger Hu a Confused Casualty of Fan Wars After a Comment That BTS Jimin Looks Like Him

tiger hu yanbin
Wow, talk about crazy fan antics these days. Hard to believe how quickly a comment from a Seventeen fan escalated into a big thumpin’ issue which left one singer bewildered. 

It all started when a Seventeen fan commented that BTS member Jimin looks like Chinese singer Tiger Hu Yanbin. A BTS fan actually took offence and said “saying Jimin looked like Tiger Hu” was an insult to his idol. Whoa, right? Saying that the comment was an insult to Jimin implied only one thing – that in the looks department, he found Tiger to be… a wee bit lacking. 

bts jimin
BTS Jimin in 'Serendipity'
But anyway, the story doesn't end there yet. BTS fans then came to clarify their love for Tiger and called out the bad intentions of Seventeen fans, which the other camp refuted by saying that all they did was to say that Jimin looks similar to Tiger and that they had no intention of insulting Tiger. The biggest clincher to this entire brouhaha? The entire heated discussion between the fandoms all took place on Tiger’s own personal social media page.

tiger hu yanbin
Anyway, all the back and forth sniping must’ve been so disruptive that even Tiger posted about his own confusion with a meme that showed a confused looking guy whose face you can literally caption with “WTF?” Poor Tiger, the man didn’t do anything wrong to merit such disrespect. How would you like to be going about your day minding your own business when suddenly an unprovoked heated discussion starts unraveling on your OWN page? Not cool. 

As they say, if you can’t be kind, then please be quiet.

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  1. Never a dull moment when fangirls are involved....

    And speaking of look alike, I just want to put it out there that I think Deng Lun and Gao Hanyu look so much alike they could play brothers!! They both even have beauty marks on their cheeks!!! *knock knock * Drama Gods are u listening?!!!

  2. Uhhhh Jimin and Tiger Hu look nothing alike lol

  3. Ahahaha! Hilarious. They kinda look alike? Not really. It's not a big deal. Fangirls need to get off the Internet.

  4. So don't matter their nationality in the end that fandom is annoying everywhere sigh.