Liu Shishi is Back to Rockin' Long Locks for Her Cover Shoot

cecilia liu
Quarantine lockdown aside, the yellow daffodils blooming in the park and the stunning sea of pink cherry blossoms everywhere mean only one thing ... that spring is just around corner! Considered the season of growth and new beginnings, it just seems quite fitting that Elle China’s May cover girl turns out to be Cecilia Liu Shishi who herself is experiencing a revival in her career after a two year hiatus from the industry.

For her cover shoot, the actress upped her beauty game and veered away from the usual short to medium length hairstyles she’s been rocking in the past. Instead, Cecilia experimented a bit with stick straight longer locks, a look she said she hasn’t pulled out of her beauty box since high school. What do you guys think? I find that it gives her a mysterious aura. And isn’t it great to see her back to sporting her hair long that’s a bit reminiscent of her roles in historical genres where her talent truly shines such as Ballad of the Desert and Scarlet Heart?

liu shishi
In case you didn’t already know, part of the reason why the actress has been gone from the industry for a while is because she just had her baby almost a year ago now with husband Nicky Wu. When asked about her break from the industry, the actress points out that she doesn’t consider it a rest . “You don’t have a baby yet do you. Having a child is a responsibility. After giving birth, you must take the time to lay the right foundation for the baby’s development. I hope to have more time to be able to take care of him and that he is healthier. People often assume that going on maternity leave after giving birth is the time for the new mum to have a break. But in reality, these are exhausting times for the new mother. There’s definitely a lot of pressure but then I’m very happy for this chance to take care of my child.

Liu Shishi has started filming her comeback drama To Dear Myself with Zhu Yilong in autumn of last year. And while we still have a ways to go before it sees the light of day, at least fans can be assured that their idol is working extra hard to give them something new.

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cecilia liu

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  1. She looks great!!! Hope she is making a comeback soon in the historical genre.

    1. she will have a comeback in the drama 'Dear Myself' it's not an historical

  2. I LOVE her answer so much! Wished every actress would think the same way she did.

    Her looks changed a little now but she's still so beautiful with the new look. I'm excited for her and cannot wait. I too, want to see another historical drama in the future.

  3. I'm so excited that she's back! Been waiting for too long, but it's understandable. I'm glad she put her baby first.