Lareina Song Responds to Reports that She Kicked a Bystander While Drunk

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If anyone were to earn the title of nation's little sister in China, then it would likely go the few former child stars who now hold their own as actresses. Guardians of the Ancient Oath star Lareina Song Zu'er is one such example having drawn much attention as a kid when she played little Nezha in Prelude of Lotus Lantern.

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The 21-year-old actress recently drew criticism for being seemingly intoxicated and kicking a bystander. In the footage reported in the media, Lareina was exiting a restaurant with a group while being assisted by two people as she walked. It also showed her suddenly kicking a lady who had her backed turned. 

The lady in question has clarified that she's not a bystander but a staff and actress that's part of the crew. Because she and Lareina have a good relationship, Lareina was merely trying to say goodbye. She further wrote, "It's just playing, the footage of her kicking me does not show how I turned around and laughed afterwards, I even tapped her head. Showing clips like this, is there any point to painting someone in a bad light? 

Lareina also took to social media to say, "Since the yxh (ying xiao hao / marketing accounts) say that I'm drunk, I'll have one drink as punishment."

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  1. LOL She did looked like she was handcuffed like a criminal, then the lady was at a position that made her look very much a stranger. Even the woman holding her arms seems to be saying "Dui Bu Qi" (sorry in Chinese) with her lips.

    But after the explanation, I believe it. If she was really drunk violent I would expect her struggling more and acting crazier than that, also hitting more people and not just one lady and also make eye contact with her like they know each other.

    One of the lessons here is being drunk aint cool, she should actually consider not drinking again. Pretend if the rumor is true that the lady is a stranger and not a friend, it should be a hard case to judge because she was just doing something unconsciously and not on purpose. But people won't be lenient, so just don't get drunk in the first place. She's too young for it too.