During their Cast Reunion on Ace vs Ace, Tian Yu Reveals that Joy of Life 2 Will Start Filming This Year

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Joy of Life 庆余年 had a reunion in last night's episode of Ace vs Ace. While it was unlikely to get everyone back given the sizeable cast, it was the first time so many of them got together again. Over 10 of them were in attendance and dressed in character to participate in the usual games played on the show. 

Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Li Chun, Song Yi, Tian Yu and Guo Qilin represented the Joy of Life team while actors Gao Shuguang who played Fan Xian's dad, Yu Xiaowei who played Fan Xian's opponent Shen Zhong, Liu Duanduan who played the second prince, actress Liu Meitong who cross-dressed as the emperor and child actor Han Haolin who played young Fan Xian appeared in different segments throughout the episode. 

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As a fan of the series, rest assured that I've been trying to glean as much information as I can about Joy of Life Season 2 and just before the episode ended, Tian Yu had this to say, "At the end of this year, we are going to continue season 2 and finish filming it... Like everyone, we are actually full of anticipation when it comes to the new script and how the fates of the characters will turn out... Filming will start end of this year." 

While it isn't clear which of the cast will be returning, many of the supporting characters like Song Yi's Fan Ruoruo are expected to have a bigger role to play in season 2. I've heard rumors that the actress might not return, but can we assume that her appearance means that she will indeed be back? Guo Qilin who plays Fan Sizhe reveals that in the novel, his character does have a love line but as to who it will be, they'd have to wait for the script. With everyone talking about season 2 so openly, can we please hope that everyone will be back!?

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  1. Hopefully Season 2 will be as great or better. I do appreciate the director and screenwriter sticking close to the novel or made small changes to hasten the filming. The casting were superb with highly acclaimed veteran actors mixed with young talented actors as well.

    I am rewatching the Cantonese version now.

  2. I'm sick of waiting so long. Only at the end of the year? This means that Season 2 will be in 2021. If actor Chen Daoming is not in Season 2, I don't want to watch it. He is so excellent that he stole the protagonism of the series.

  3. Other than Fan Xian, I hope they can keep the actors for Emperor, CPP, Second Prince, and Grand Princess. Idg why is it so hard to expect actors to be back for S2 in cdramaland when it seems easy for US series.

  4. Hopefully the plot will not dragged onto season 2. Season 1 was amazing because the plot builds up not too slow, or too fast. Hope the script will be awesome like in season 1.

  5. Lol, wasn't there an article earlier about how Joy of Life was finished, done with, no second season, etc.?