Did Qu Chuxiao Just Break Up with Rumored GF After Being Spotted by Paparazzi?

qu chuxiao wang zilin
Okay I’m pretty confused by this bit of news. Are they or aren’t they? Dating that is. Actor Qu Chuxiao who shot to fame after the megahit blockbuster The Wandering Earth was recently papped travelling in the capital with iPartment 5 actress Wan Zilin. They were riding on a motorcycle together. Now if there’s anything that will set tongues wagging overtime, it’s speculations of a potential romance brewing between celebs. And seeing that they’ve been spotted out and about lighting incense together at Beijing’s famed Hongluo Temple, and the two later seen sharing a hug, well, rumors that the two are dating are already givens.

My confusion over the matter stems from the fact that the famously private (and BLUNT) actor denied the relationship tittle-tattle from the onset whilst Wan Zilin remarked that she just found out she’d been dumped - which once again begs the question, were they or weren't they dating in the first place since "being dumped" implies that they were.

Not dating, so don’t try to arrange the young lady’s fate. Hongluo Temple offers an excellent view. Walking around for 60 kilometers is exhausting” says Qu Chuxiao.  

Meanwhile, Wan Zilin separately writes on her own social media, “just found out that I’ve been dumped. Thank you everyone for your concern.”  

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  1. I believe she was just being sarcastic with her response to whole thing.

    1. Lol...I see your point there.

    2. Same here. It is an aswer I would give too to for me ridicoulous questions.

  2. Her reply is epic...dumped after reading his post.... I have no respect for such guy so I will not bother to watch his future works. There are many other worthy actors to support.
    He played his card wrongly...