Child Actor's Mom Addresses Criticisms Over Her Son Playing Kim Tae Hee's Daughter in Hi Bye, Mama

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Kim Tae Hee’s super cute TV daughter in the tvN drama Hi Bye, Mama was recently the focus of heated discussions amongst Netizens because of his gender. Yup that’s right. HIS. Seo Woo Jin, the child actor who plays Kim Tae Hee’s daughter is actually a boy. 

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Netizens have been scratching their heads as to why Woo Jin was picked to play the part of a girl. And the simple reason according to the crew? It was all because Woo Jin looked identical to a younger Kim Tae Hee and had the acting skills to match. That was all. Logical answer right?  But that certainly didn’t stop Netizens from turning the spotlight on Woo Jin’s mum and rebuking her decision because they were worried how this might cause Woo Jin to become “confused with his gender identity” due to the role.

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Kim Tae Hee (left) as a child

Well, Woo Jin’s mum responded with a lengthy post on social media to air her side of the story. “Many of you are worried about Woo Jin’s gender identity. Unlike other children of his age,  Woo Jin is a smart kid who understands what he is doing now and why he’s playing the role of a girl…When the role was offered to us, I asked Woo Jin for his opinion, and he said alright and that he can do it well” she says. “Gender identity? Anyone who knows Woo Jin will know that there’s nothing to worry about. He’s very masculine and he likes it when people say he’s very cool rather than pretty. He dreams of being the Hulk, because the Hulk is strong and he wants to be strong like him” says momma bear. 

Besides, with her husband working as a psychologist and holding a doctorate in psychology, and herself also a psychology graduate, they are better equipped than anyone else – they both know their son very well and are equally backed up by training. So please, she asks, can people kindly stop spreading uncomfortable rumours about her son which are purely based on their own bias and prejudice from his appearance.

Meanwhile, Woo Jin’s TV mum Kim Tae Hee too has addressed the (non) issue about her TV daughter, saying that when you ask Woo Jin what acting means to him, “become Seo Woo” (Seo Woo is the name of the character) is his answer. 

"Woo Jin responds seriously and calmly than anyone else on set. Normally, he is playful and naughty but once the director calls out ‘Ready’, he’s a true actor who transforms himself into the role Seo Woo once again. Thank you so much Seo Woo.

To be honest, not so sure what all the brouhaha's about really. If it's really stemming from concern for Woo Jin, then alright that's fair. But it looks like he knows what he's getting into and that he's got all the support of his parents to bolster his sense of self. But if people are just doing this to stir up some trouble, then as his mum said - please stop.

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  1. This is the dumbest controversy ever doused in binary nonsense. Little girls get casted as boys too, don't see as many issues there.

  2. Imagine worrying about a kid’s gender when he himself seems more mature than those butthurt people. Acting like a girl will make him girly lmao some part of the mom’s response irks me too u dont have to prove his manliness for god sake he’s a kid saying he likes the Hulk and like being called cool over pretty is giving into stereotype too i dont hope much from Korean society but damn people has too much free time

  3. Looks like Seo Woo Jin is more comfortable about his own gender identity and he does not feel his masculinity threatened by the role than the people who fuss about it. GOOD WORK, Seo Woo Jin!!!