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Historical drama Serenade of Peaceful Joy manages to snatch the top spot on television during its first week on primetime. It is followed by Skate into Love, If Time Flows Back and Lucid Water Lush Mountain which have all ended their run. EDIT: Rural drama Realize Our Dreams takes over Skate into Love while Wang Kai's Hunting is expected to premiere on Beijing TV and Dragon TV this coming Tuesday. 

Skate into Love stays as the top drama online followed by If Time Flows Back. Same as last week, Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns and My Roommate is a Detective in 3rd and 4th are the most-viewed web dramas online. The newly-premiered Daylight Entertainment productions If There Is No Tomorrow and Serenade of Peaceful Joy land in 7th and 8th. Meanwhile, Xiao Zhan jump up to first in celebrity rankings which is likely due to his return to social media after an over a month-long absence. 

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9. Reborn

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  1. Did Xiao Zhan top the list bc of his recent post?

    Wow... Just bc it's his first post in a long time, internet is going on fire. XD

  2. A majority of his data were 'brought'. Honestly, he is still very much hated in China and his reputation is in the drain after the 227 event and especially after people exposed how big the people behind him - Tencent, Hesong, Xinli etc. This year, it will be hard for him to make a comeback.

    1. Im not his fan, i didnt watch untamed cuz not my cup of tea but i seriously wonder why he got so much hate for something he didnt do? I think it's so unfair.

    2. So what?
      At least the hype over The Untamed is still hot so it makes sense.
      At least he made a post to be up there.
      At least his rank was moving around.
      At least he was always nice and polite.

      Better than some people who was stuck exactly at #1 spot without moving anywhere lower for an entire year without working or making any post, and had been rude publicly before. If fans loved and are proud of those kinds, why can't Xiao Zhan be loved too?

      If he did anything bad then he deserves to be hated, but he'd never done anything bad publicly before.

    3. It's not only Xiao Zhan's data that were bought. There are also many other celebs in China with bought data. Even though his data may be bought, his personality and his actions are a lot better than many of the other idols in China. His recent 227 event wasn't even his fault. The whole thing was done by fans. Even though many people may think that he got popular overnight, but he was working hard for many years before, so he deserves the popularity he has now.

  3. I think most of his data is true because his fandom are mostly young girls, and this age group is very active on the internet so they will be good at doing data. Unfortunately, also because of their young age, they are easy to manipulate into doing very stupid things, hence this is how he end up being in this situation.

    In order to understand why a majority of Chinese population blame him, you need to understand fan economy and the Chinese entertainment industry. I think in general, many people just hate the state at which the industry has become a game of capital and since Xiao Zhan represent 'capital' they don't like him. They think that if he succeed in being whitewash from this event, then it will mean that in the future, capital can create and spit out any type of celebrities it wants to. It sort of become a war between the people vs capital.....and it's becoming a lot more political than you think because it also touch some aspect of society. Like how can these kind of trends be healthy and productive to youth these days and it is something society or the government as a whole should try to curb?

    1. Sounds interesting. They should make a drama out of this.

    2. Because of 227, many people were curious about him so they started to watch some of his materials. What they found out is that except for his good look, he doesn't have the strength to compete with other celebrities in his age group. He is very mediocre when compare to others who are much stronger than him in their own field. His fans are overblowing how good he is but when you dig deeper, the truth from fans become - 'Well, he works hard!', 'He is polite and nice', 'He's very good looking'. Don't most celebrities work hard to get where they are? Aren't most celebrities good looking? Don't most celebrities present the public with a front of niceties?

      Acting - he cannot be compare to others like Li Xian or Deng Lun.
      Idol - he cannot sing and dance like Luhan, Kris Wu, or Zhang Yixing.

      His strength level in both acting, singing, and dancing are all below his peers. His popularity is gained through excessive marketing during and after The Untamed. His data is a combination of data that were brought and fans' excessive brush of data.

      The is the truth that the public in China is aware of and that's why they resist him.

    3. @Anonymous 3.b That is not true China would resist him because of reasons like that. If China is immune to those things, why is actress Zhao Liying still so famous. Lots of things you said are very applicable to her but nobody is resisting her. Aside from good looks, her acting is just mediocre so she use a "hard working" or "inspirational" background to promote. There's no other talent aside from the exaggerated skills of acting.

      Acting - She also cannot be compare with Sun Li or Liu Tao. She is not better than Yang Mi, Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan, or just almost about the same.

      Idol - she cannot sing or dance either.

      Personality - it's not being straight forward, but rather blatantly rude as a newbie. She'd changed in recent years by no longer speaking.

      Regardless of these things, her popularity surpassed everyone within one shot of fame (The Journey of Flower - a drama that cannot compare with the likes of Mo Dao Zu Shi). The excessive marketing since that drama made anything with her afterward the most popular. Something as low quality as Princess Agent surpassed Ten Miles of Peach Blossom when they aired the same year.

      I still think Mo Dao Zu Shi is popular enough that XZ WYB fame from it is much more believable, and the guys were polite and assure to show gratitude, better than offending others.

    4. @Anonymous 3C ??? Zhao Liying was an idol ???

      Not sure why you are trying to pull Zhao Liying, she should be compare to other traffic actress like Yang Mi NOT Sun Li and Liu Tao who doesn't have that label.

    5. It's not pulling, it's using. Somebody compared XZ to other stars that he is less than others but more famous than them. XZ and ZLY does have things in common in that sense. ZLY is the closest example with XZ because her fanbase also went through the most extreme sharp rise after JoF, while her talents are very limited as well but she surpassed everyone else.

      Although they worked hard indeed, to say they worked hardest, not exactly. It's true they worked step by step and landing upon their huge fame is very hard to come by. But other stars also worked step by step. They both just got enormous fame too quickly and almost too easily because of the help that came from their huge fanbase.

      With XZ, from what I see, people hate him so much even before A03 happened. Other than The Untamed, his past projects were not too noteworthy because he wasn't playing main roles. But a side note, he did do well as the support and was eye catching from there already.
      Many rising stars were only collecting a little more fans after each project. But XZ, he suddenly gained enormous amount of fans within one night and even surpassed some of the most famous people who worked longer than him for years. This angered fans from many different groups.

    6. Main point is, ZLY and XZ path to gaining huge amount of fans was similar. If her route is approved, his shouldn't be a problem. There is a difference that he is extremely polite and didn't use CP shipping to gain attention.

    7. The main problem here is that ZLY's acting skill is actually in line with her competing traffic actress like Yang Mi, Tang Yang, and Liu Shi Shi. Xiao Zhan is not! His acting is way weaker when compare to the his competitors like Zhu Yilong, Li Xian, and Deng Lun.

      As an idol (he was originally from the idol group X-NINE), XZ is even worst. He can't dance and his singing is very mediocre.

    8. I know this is off-topic, but seriously, y'all need to stop lying to yourselves that YM isn't an amazing actor ....

    9. Fans of other idols love to downplay on other celebs. XZ can't sing and dance, wth, he just released a song and was praised all over so BooYah! YM is only a traffic star like wtf too, she was full of everything (good acting and looks) since the first day she debuted.

    10. @Anonymous 3.i
      Ha ha, your fan filter is too thick. It is not downplaying, you are welcome to go watch the evidence yourself.

      Feel free to observe the public's comment on him from the Top 50 Chinese idol dance:

      Feel free to observe the public's comment from the New Year performance comparison between the top stream of 2019:

      Regarding his new song, the only praises he received were from his fans. Do you know why a lot of people hate his fans? It is because they go all over the places to market how great he is and step on others. Prior to 227, they will report and attack anyone who said anything that negates how great he is.

    11. 3.j, You are jealous that he didn't lip sync and has a good voice.

      The hate comments are from paid antis, thanks but no thanks for bragging about your team pretending to say good things look bad :P yall are just stupid.

      Just because a few of you make tons of fake accounts to say something good is bad does not mean it killed anybody's talent, very foolish.

      Do you also know how many people hate his paid antis?

    12. 3.k, Just stating the truth. It's funny that every time someone with sense point out reasons with evidence to fans of Xiao Zhan, they started acting like a kid and screaming "You're just paid antis!", "It's just a few of you making a tons of fake accounts", etc. Not sure when they are going to wake up.

      If you really want to know how the Chinese public think about Xian Zhan, go to his Zhihu page:

      You will see that it is not just a few 'paid antis'. Most people aren't jealous of him, they just can't stand his cult-like fanbase and the heavy marketing behind him.

    13. I feel like this comment chain is the perfect way of illustrating why Xiao Zhan is a victim here despite doing nothing. It's because his fans and anti-fans are young kids who are emotional and have nothing better to do than to police fan fiction websites and then organize boycotts trying to end his career for doing nothing.

      I mean seriously here, trying to cancel someone's career because he acts bad. That may be the dumbest thing I've heard.

  4. True, #3. ^
    I'm not surprise that XZ topped the list this week. Even his one post was able to garner over 12M+ likes on weibo. That's way likes more than what most celebrities get in general. It is also not a surprise that people still "hate/dislike" XZ because humans, in general, only care about hearing the negatives and don't care about seeing what's more than meets the eye. Humans tend to wait for your downfall when you are popular, which is a pity. XZ did work hard to get to where he is now, so I think his hard work should be appreciated even if people think he got "popular overnight". I'm not a fan of XZ in anyway but I have positive feelings towards him. Never watched The Untamed either but people should be less hateful and more positive regardless if the person is popular or not. I have no comment in regards to whether whose "fault" is it. I think both the fans and the fanfic writer are held accountable for what happened as they should've handled it better in order to not affect the actor's image. Fans do need to know that they are the "face" of their favorites so they need to behave better too. Fangirls do not have a positive image in many people's eyes so once you do something that's "distasteful" to the eyes of the general audience, they will automatically link it to the celebrity. This is why XZ is still hated. The general audience do not only hate the fans but also the celebrity linked to the fans. So best of luck to XZ and his career.

    1. I don't agree general audience link to the celebrity and hate them because of fans, those type of haters are not general audience but paid antis.

      Think of times when there are celebs who did dirty things, the general audience do not hate them. And XZ did nothing. There are cases when it wasn't fans but the celeb did things themselves but the general audience still love the idols regardless. It seems the general audience are rather forgiving.

    2. The general public doesn't hate him. Hate is too strong of a word, but they definitely have a negative impression of him through the 227 event. His fandom is definitely the number one most hated fandom in China. I've seen real hate from other fandoms towards his because they have, prior to 227, incite wars with fans of other celebrities.

      These so call fandom wars are actually very common and most of the time are purposely lead in order to tear resources. This is why they said that a celebrity's team can never be separated from the effect cause by the fandom. In combination with marketing, some fandom wars are joint efforts between the artist's team and the fans in order to tear resources from other celebrities.

  5. Kindly leave our faves out of your messy dramas plz.

    K, thx, bye!!!

    1. No kidding... Why is this particular fandom so toxic lol

  6. However others might want to downplay the popularity of XZ, he is a top celebrity in China. I am not a diehard fan of him, I prefer Li XIan more, but I acknowledge XZ's enigmatic charisma which is rare for celebrities. His so called controversy is not his doing, and ardent fans and casual fans are intelligent enough not to be swayed that easily.

    So, the truth of the matter remains, his popularity is there, strong and growing.

    1. His popularity is there because he has a strong fanbase that is very young and active online, but this is only a very small subset of people compare to the population of China. The general public view on him is not very good, and he has become a high risk artist in the view of investors. Which means that he is less likely to be chosen over another artist for endorsement. For filming project, the investors will need to consider this risk as well and good co-actresses and actors may turn the project away because it will be risky.

      He is very unlikely to receive a good filming project or variety show for the rest of the year. I will be very surprise if any of the dramas that he has filmed so far could be air in 2020. Most likely to make it to air is Douro Continent. Because of the COVID-19 situation, drama that have occupational reference to doctors and nurses, such as 'The Oath of Love', will have to go through extra inspection during the review process, adding 227 on top of this, not sure if it can be air. It has been rumored that Hunan has dropped out and no other television station has pick it up yet. 'The Wolf' is even less likely than the other two to be air. It has been three years since it was filmed and there has been a problem with the review process ever since then.

      Don't think that the 227 event doesn't have an effect on his career, it has already greatly affected him. He is still very popular and being talked a lot about, but it is not the good word of mouth popularity that most people seek. It is the red and black kind of talk that sparks heated discussion.

  7. Wow thanks for the list

  8. I am genuinely surprised with how much passion someone tried to downplay XZ popularity in this thread.

    Have you heard about - negative marketing is marketing as well.

    If he was so irrelevant i would not have seen xx comments here.

    China is producing 100k celebs per year. They are trying to get their piece of pie. Fresh meat actors are so common these days. One in 1000s remain in the spotlight after their 5 seconds of the fame. There are some amazing talents in Chinese entertainment industry but as they are more mature and not any more fresh meat they go down in popularity but remain string in casting as in the end someone has to carry the acting until newbies learn how to act (and acting is more a skill you learn than a talent). If XZ was not so good looking no one would be writing about him and that is true sad fact.

    Btw i like his personality and i think he has potential to get better in acting and i bet he will. And whoever hate him so excessively should check what is actually driving this amount of negativity, some public personality you actually do not know or part of you that you do not know and should.

    1. EXACTLY! This guy is so polite and nice.

      If one day he bad mouths other people with his own mouth, these haters can spread their hate. Although he should have the right to express himself. He was already so careful with every steps. The problem that happened to him was things others do to him, not things he did to himself. The fact that some commenters here are blaming the real victim, and playing themselves as victims, it is just too obvious what their intentions are. There had been celebs who were guilty of things done by themselves and some of these antis actually spoke up for her/him, now somebody is innocently wronged and forget it that they wouldn't speak up for him too, but ridiculously they are trying to wrong him even more. Don't even try to reason out what fairness is. It's just all a game about which idol can stay the hottest, it's not even about who commited a crime (as if they really care).