Ariel Lin’s Pregnancy Plans Take a Back Seat as Covid-19 Forces the Couple to Quarantine Separately

ariel lin
Covid-19 sure did a huge number on everyone’s plans alright.  Remember when Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin turned down a lot of lucrative projects and put all of her work commitments on hold because she and her husband are trying to get pregnant? With the pandemic still ravaging the rest of the world, it looks like all their plans for a new addition into the family is going to have to take a backseat as well – at least until the two of them can finally find a way to be together in the same geographic location. Media reports have said previously that the pair originally planned to conceive artificially in April of this year but with things going on as it is right now, their plans had to be shelved temporarily due to the pandemic.

ariel lin
Ariel and her husband Charles who is in the United States have been living separately in the opposite sides of the world for almost two months already, ever since the actress had to fly back to Taiwan for work. Now that flying is deemed to be too risky for the time being and a physical reunion for the couple is next to impossible, it looks like getting pregnant will have to wait until things can get back closer to being normal. 

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  1. Why is this news? This is very sexism. Is a woman worth only equal to her being pregnant or being a mother? Who the hell care when she's going to be a mother.

    1. PREACH. Literally how Asian Entertainment see woman. A female kpop idol married a kpop idol. She had to quit to become a stay at home mum while he's still a successful idol. They have there own show and she's now pregnant with twins. So 3 kids now and she's only 23. When on shows she doesn't even have her own identity everyone calls her 'kid's mother'. Like she is a person. She sacrificed having a career in order to give birth to her 1st child, her son.