Gao Yunxiang Found Not Guilty After a 2-Year Legal Battle Following His Arrest for Sexual Assault

With his acting career left in tatters and divorced by his wife, ex Legend of Ba Qing actor Gavin Gao Yunxiang finally got a lucky break today. According to Australian media, the actor has been cleared of all charges following his legal battle that lasted two years. 

Gao Yunxiang was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman in Sydney’s Shangri-La hotel back in March 2018. After being initially denied bail, he was finally released after posting bail amounting to AUD $ 3 million. The bail conditions for his release were also quite harsh, because aside from having to appear at the police station daily, and abiding by a strict curfew, his family which included now ex-wife Michelle Dong Xuan, their daughter as well as his mum had to surrender their passports to the authorities. The conditions were eased up considerably in later hearings, with the actor's required number of check-ins at the police station reduced to only three times a week instead of everyday, and also the reason why his family was finally allowed to leave Australia

The actor pleaded not guilty at his trial. However, because the twelve jury members on his case were unable to render a unified verdict last year, they had no choice but to announce their dissolution which was why a retrial was scheduled. Through the hearings this year, Gao Yunxiang and his fellow accused Wang Jing were both found not guilty. 

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  1. Wow....after all that. He really should be more careful how he conduct himself. He did put himself in a compromising position to be charged.
    Goodness, some men cannot stay loyal to one wife.

  2. I really don't want to see him on screen again. Feel bad for his exwife.

    1. So, he was married at the time and went with another woman to a Hotel...and...another man, while the said wife awaiting him faithfully at home with his daughter. Then his wife divorced him probably bc their relationship was of the open type only on his side.
      His lawyer argued he his "gentle and respectfull of women". WOW . His dear wife must felt in her skin that respect and gentleness!
      This story is very badly told. Nah, not seeing his works anymore.