Esther Yu Studio Apologizes After Following Fan Account Shipping the Actress with Cai Xukun

Esther Yu Shuxin starred in two dramas this year - one as the cutesy leading lady of the historical romance I've Fallen For You and the other as part of the second couple in the hit modern drama Find Yourself. It truly seems to be her year to shine with the actress joining the iQIYI survival show Youth With You 2 and immediately drawing attention as she fangirls over Blackpink member Lisa Manoban who is a dance mentor on the show.  

Alas, Esther Yu was trending again for a different reason. Her studio followed a cp account (fan account that ships couple pairings) dedicated to Youth with You PD Cai Xukun and Esther Yu leading to gossipmongers saying that she's really a fan of Cai Xukun and not Lisa as she claims. 

Esther Yu Studio issued a public apology saying, "Sorry for causing trouble for everyone, a colleague received a link from a friend, opened it and started following it without realizing that they were using the studio's official account. We are looking at this internally and reflecting on the mistake. Very, very sorry towards the teachers and fans who were affected! We have received a lot of attention recently, we will be cautious in the future and we will strive hard to keep up with Xin Xin's pace, sorry."

For Esther to trend repeatedly, it's not really a surprise that there would be speculations that all of this is an attempt by her team to create buzz. I wonder if it's even worth it as it can easily backfire if she's seen as someone trying to take advantage of another's popularity. Then again, Esther is on the show away from all of this. 

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  1. Buzzing repeatedly and having lots of fake CP accounts is so annoying!

    But can't really blame her because that really is how people get famous. Lots of big idols today took that route, it's just like asking, why can't she take the same route too?

  2. I think, she was so fake and full of acting when she saw lisa etc. I dunno her and this is based on what i watched on tv. But most of the girls acted cute for being accepted by the fans so no wonder.