Zheng Shuang Warms Hearts Reading Fan Letters She's Kept for the Last Ten Years

Despite her frank say it as you see it attitude, the charming Zheng Shuang sure has a soft side. 

Staying at home can be pretty boring but the actress made use of her time by cooking for her parents. She also tidied up a bit and organized stored things which is when she must have uncovered precious fan letters from the last ten years and finished reading all of them! That's so amazing, to think that your idol did not only read your letter but also cherished it all these years is just pure love from the actress to her fans. 

Naturally, fans became emotional and expressed their delight upon hearing about this. Although she has reached the point where she's very popular, not only locally but also overseas, Zheng Shuang remains humble and does not forget the fans who lent her a hand when she was just starting as she's been repeatedly thankful to her fans on many occasions. 

Here's a little advice from the actress herself, "No matter how many years have passed, I hope we will always remember our beginning and have our own beautiful life."

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  1. Meanwhile there are idols who don't even accept fan letters..

    1. I think it's the managers/bodyguards that don't let the fans near the idols especially on airports due to safety. I have never heard of an idol refusing to accept a fan letter lol. Expensive gifts maybe but a fan letter?!

  2. Aww she's so sweet and humble. Love you Zheng Shuang!

  3. I have to say Zheng Shuang is one of the few actresses under 30 that I like, because while she is very pretty she doesn't just rely on her looks, which I love love love love. Nowadays actors are mostly selected for their outer appearances, and I think that's unfair to others who are gifted but not so good looking.
    Hey, now that I think about it ... I haven't heard any news of her for so long, even on other websites. I don't want to be nosy but is she taking a break? Just wanted to know.
    BTW my sis is a big fan :)