Zheng Shuang Spills the Beans on Her Weight Loss and Why She Chose Meteor Shower Over Working with Zhang Yimou

Actress Zheng Shuang has been pretty focused on work ever since splitting from her manager boyfriend Zhang Heng a few months ago. Since then, the normally private actress has been photographed attending a lot of events and even opened up her own Weibo account to allow fans a better glimpse of her life and work. 

In a recent appearance for the show Miss Beauty 小姐, the actress addressed one of the internet’s burning questions about herself – her weight loss. While the actress has always been on the thinner side, Netizens have noticed the actress worryingly looking even more skinny recently. The good news for fans concerned about her is that the actress isn’t on any diet to lose weight. According to Zheng Shuang, she’s just always been a serious person. “When something is on my mind bothering me, I am not be able to eat anything.” The actress admits that she’s not a fan of talking about her problems. “Frankly, I don’t like to talk about what is on my mind. Because the more I talk about it, the more emotional I’ll get and then I’ll be even more affected by the situation, making it harder for me to forget”.

Zheng Shuang also candidly talked about why she didn’t pursue the chance to work with Zhang Yimou on a project at the beginning stages of her career when she was still in school.

For some actors, working with the internationally acclaimed director would be a dream come true. With a choice between filming a movie or a television series, the actress felt that television as a medium feels "much more closer to audiences” and that TV dramas “tackle themes with more similarities to real life hence making it more memorable” to viewers. "I have been told that whatever happens in the drama that I'd definitely be popular. But then it doesn't necessarily mean that all I'd get are positive reviews. Of course there has to be some criticism to my work. But I still feel that dramas are the best way to get closer to the viewers and the audiences" says the actress. Now everyone must be thinking “OMG but it’s Zhang Yimou. Why would she give up an opportunity like that?”  

People probably had the same opinion back then. After all, Zheng Shuang was only starting out at the time. To be given an opportunity to potentially work with the director was a chance in a lifetime as opposed to the odds of becoming an idol drama star which is “easier” to attain. But oh well, there’s no use rehashing what could/should have been. Working with Zhang Yimou does not necessarily equate to being automatically successful.

Anyway, by choosing to work on Meteor Shower, the Chinese adaptation of the super popular and mega hit story which has since been successfully adapted internationally into Meteor Garden, Boys Over Flowers and Hana Yori Dango, as her first project together with actor Zhang Han, she certainly drew a lot of attention from viewers. So in a way, she definitely had the drama to thank for putting her name out there in the dramaverse. 

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  1. Zhang Yimou later learning about Zheng Shuang's bad acting reputation: Thank god she wasn't part of my film whew

    The truth is no one would be able to imagine Zheng Shuang working with him anyway.

    1. What a hater.

      She's way too emotional.
      Her acting was very good, and she was one of the prettiest girls ever.

      Until her messy love life affected everything, it affected her acting, her looks (turn to plastic surgery, no shame, SHE'S SUPER HONEST LIKE NOBODY ELSE), her weight, her health, etc.

      IF NOT BECAUSE OF HER EMOTIONAL PROBLEM, she would've been one of the best actresses today and every directors everywhere would want her.
      She is way too emotional but that's the only problem she got, there are special things about her that no other actresses can be like her.

      At least her reputation is, she is a frank person and she is frank about HERSELF, she never use that as an excuse to go step over others ever.
      Besides, she is good to her fans. She dares to speak back to bad fan too. Didn't a bunch of haters recently attacked one single actress about not controlling her fans when their own idols don't do such a thing like that either, because that's the impossible? Only Zheng Shuang does it.

      She is good at acting but it's just her heaalth and mind are not stable enough. Although she kind of failed in acting due to that, she's still a better person than some idols now.

    2. He definitely dodged a bullet. I'm sure she is a sweet woman but she is not a good actress.

    3. She is good at acting but it can be risky to rely on her because of how unstable she can be depending on how she feels.

      If she worked with ZYM maybe fate would not make her work with Zhang Han and go through a messy relationship with him. But dating could be unavoidable because she was so pretty she will end up being in one no matter where she goes. Most celebrity guys are just the same like Zhang Han, and non celebs can be like her current ex. I hope she can move on and get help, in dramas, fairy tale says men are the most loyal knights in shining armors ever but in reality it is completely opposite and dangerous to make that the expectation.

  2. I know this is off topic but OMG. I didn't even realize this was Zheng Shuang in the first picture until I read the title. She's growing too fast waaaa ....
    Why am I saying this when I'm younger than her lmao.

  3. She has a very round face for a very skinny body.

    1. why do people say her face is round ? look at her jawline it is not round.

    2. @3.a
      I agree it's not round but maybe round face should not be a description for human face at all. Unless you can name a person on earth without a chin?

  4. I didn't know it was possible for her to lose anymore weight. She looks skeletal because she is so thin. Lots of people deal with issues in different ways and hopefully she can find some help from family and friends so she doesn't waste away. I'm honestly worried for her health.

  5. I JUST learned that she had plastic surgery ... I'm surprised. Not hating but why? She's already so pretty!