Yin Zheng Likes Then Unlikes a Weibo Post About His Dating Rumors With Jiang Mengjie

There's no escaping the celeb rumour mill once it fixes its beady eyes on you. Today, that eye was riveted on actor Yin Zheng and actress Jiang Mengjie who according to reports were spotted out and about in New York before settling down for a meal together in a Japanese restaurant. Moreover, the Netizen who spotted the pair in the Big Apple also said Yin Zheng and Jiang Mengjie were both sporting blue “couple” down jackets against the cold. What makes this even more intriguing is that Yin Zheng himself gave the thumbs up on the Netizen’s post! Could that mean he’s giving the affirmative to the speculation that himself and the actress are now a couple? 

This actually isn’t the first time the pair were caught in romance rumours. Jiang Mengjie was papped visiting Yin Zheng who was filming in November last year when they returned to the same hotel after having a meal together. But apart from the initial buzz the sighting created, things quieted down until recently when the pair were spotted again. So, with the actor liking the post but then unliking it soon after. . .  does that mean the two are now officially an item or are we jumping the gun a little too soon.

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  1. Cant celebrities hide their likes on Weibo? Keep seeing celebs making mistake with likes despite unliking it immediately after that. People catch it so fast. This is still okay but the other celeb still get hate from other fans to this day.

  2. When and if they are ready, they can tell us. Leave couples to develop new relationship in peace,

  3. Some privacy would be nice.