Victoria Song Gets a Scolding from Netizens for Her Character He Fanxing's Actions in Find Yourself!

The drama Find Yourself’s 下一站是幸福 swan song drops tomorrow night and I bet everyone’s on tenterhooks to find out how exactly will the show’s writers manage to turn around what has been an exasperating turn of events for those firmly on team Fanxing-Yuan Song.

I mean, I guess the story progression was quite unsatisfactory that disappointed viewers have even taken to leaving comments on Victoria Song’s personal account just to scold Fanxing for her actions! I kid you not guys. Some fans have taken things a little bit too seriously and equated one for the other, but there’s really no need to scold her personally for a script she was just following. 

Victoria's He Fanxing started out quite nicely enough – an independent woman who didn’t give a fig about what people thought about her (non existent) love life. Her romance with Song Weilong’s Yuan Song was surprisingly sweet too at the beginning. But for some reason things took on a different direction for her character – for a woman who started out not caring about what other people thought, she became pretty apprehensive about what people will say about her relationship with a man several years her junior. 

With their relationship kept under wraps as if it had an expiration date, it was a stark contrast to her new relationship with David Wang's Ye Luming whose plot to steal her away from Yuan Song became successful. 

Netizens have been jokingly speculating online that the show’s writers must have some sort of grief to settle with the actress given how her character has turned out to be. Now that she’s dating second lead Ye Luming and really considering the possibility that their relationship will end in marriage, why on earth is she still friends with Yuan Song? It’s quite selfish of her to string him along and also unfair for both guys isn’t it? 

find yourself
Anyway, recent episodes have seen a new woman pursuing Yuan Song and guess who’s jealous? Well the shoe is now on the other foot and Fanxing is getting a dose of her own medicine! Guess she wants to have her cake and eat it too eh but things just don’t work out that way in most cases. But, I reckon things are looking up for viewers continuing to hold on to a Fanxing-Yuan Song ending if the trailer’s any indication. I just wish the writers will be a touch more gentle when handling her character and not have her end up looking too much of a jerk when she and Yuan Song get back together just after breaking things off with Ye Luming.

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  1. The plot just went down the hill. And there were too many useless filler scenes. even it's douban rating drop.

  2. I may be one of the few that support Victoria Song with the second lead. I'd welcome a drama where, for once, the female lead ends up together with what we believe is the second lead, it would be a nice plot twist.
    I agree that are some filler scenes, but it's expected, I tend to skip them without too much thinking

  3. Lots of Chinese script writtens never fail to disappoint us.....Potentially good stories that goes downhill....

  4. I had such a high expectation when I saw the trailer of this drama for the first time but after watching the first few episodes, I was really disappointed...

  5. I haven't watched this yet, but tbh, most noona-donsaeng dramas are like this - where the couple isn't "supposed" to be together, like Negotiator for an example, and the woman firmly believes they should split up but the boy persists while another girl is chasing him and another guy is chasing her. In Negotiator's case, where Chen Xi (I think that's her name) chases Xiaofei and Tianyu chases Tong Wei. Like they're all the same!!!

  6. I really don't see any problem with the drama or characters. If any this drama highlight the pressure and harshness on women and of course the double standard ( over look all the men's issues and mistakes but only focus on the women's).
    Or maybe because most of yall aren't not in the 30's.

    To me the drama is one of the best modern drama that is realistic and refreshing that focus on women in their 30. Each character has their own story and struggles and lesson to learn. Because we are all human and no one is perfect. Yes, FHX isn't perfect or the strongest, ideal female lead but there are many HFX in real life. Her role represent any woman in their 30
    s. The difference is that most can't keep the pure heart and innocence as her because not everyone is protective and loved as her nor never dated until this age.

    While many don't agree with his actions but all her behaviors are understandable. The mistakes in the 1st relation, the insecure and worries when she is 10 years older, or how she wants to hide it due to the social pressure and worry for her parents, or want to give a try with someone that match her age and ideal for marriage, or thinking about getting married when her dad is sick and worry. She is definitely not perfect and has a lot to learn but all her actions makes sense if you really put yourself in her shoes. In fact most people would want to get married with the 2nd lead in real life.

    This drama is definitely not a sweet brainless drama but it exposed a bunch of brainless fan girls and the sad reality of women treatment in this day and age.

    1. I totally agree with this - there is clearly an age gap in the viewing audience. As a thirty-something myself, the HFX character resonates pretty powerfully and is fairly consistent throughout. Even the "strongest" woman is not immune to societal pressure and expectations. It's pretty clear throughout that HFX is struggling hard between her personal desires for Yuan Song and doing the responsible thing of dating Ye Luming.

      There is a weird gap in perception with regards to this drama - to me, HFX makes perfect sense. She isn't stringing Yuan Song along - he's insisting that he comes with. Ye Luming was rather pushy and aggressive but even he's feeling the pressure of getting married. And yes, she's getting jealous over Yuan Song's new relationship because uh...that's how the plot progresses to let us know that she will decide to follow her heart? I'm not seeing the problem. If she was stringing Yuan Song along, she would have been encouraging his affections, not trying dissuade him. They were careful not to have her flipflop between Ye Luming and YS - because that isn't how HFX is written. She's always portrayed as someone who is steady in her goals like most overachievers, scared to fail. She's in love with YS - always has been - but she is being pushed into a relationship with Ye Luming which is why, despite being "compatible", they have ZERO chemistry.

      If you ask me, the way more problematic relationship in this show is He Canyang and Cai Minmin. This relationship is cringey AF. It's way inappropriate and even the show seems to know it given how platonic this relationship is. (And before you tell me it's the same thing with Yuan Song/HFX, it really isn't. CMM characterization makes her seem like she's a 15 year old pursuing her fantasy relationship. There's a reason why HFX is so reluctant to get involved with YS and this perception is exactly why - the show knows this as YS is written as slightly more mature)

      This show is actually exceptionally well done in terms of writing, plotting and progression. Almost every scene tells a story of why HFX should pick Ye Luming...and at the same time, why she totally isn't. It's a commentary on the harsh pressures of living in a modern society where women are expected to have it all but only in socially appropriate ways. As HFX moves further towards societal wants, she becomes less herself - this is a deliberate plot choice, not bad writing. It's written right there in black and white - Song Xue tells her that if she doesn't make a choice soon, HFX will become "uglier" - as in, not herself. HFX herself says this all the time - she's tired of playing the role of the perfect girlfriend, the perfect daughter.

      I think the reason why people hate HFX is because she's actually really quite ordinary. She's an exceptionally well-written and well-portrayed character who makes mistakes, does her best and follows her heart. This romance really hit home for me - I want her to be in a passionate, heart-racing romance with YS because that's what we all want. But I don't blame her for trying to date YLM because she's also trying to be responsible. That's, unfortunately, what being an adult really entails.

    2. yes, i really agree with you. they are not in her shoes, maybe they are still young and not in 30+ yet. love is not just about two people but more than that. and in life we need to learn from our mistakes, not everyone can be perfect at the very start. you need to FIND YOURSELF.

    3. I agree that there is a discrepancy in the age range and expectations of this drama. Seems like many audiences were expecting a rom com.

      I didn't meet my 1st and only bf (now hubby =P) until my late 20's, so I can relate and understand why she would wait. Romance is different for everyone. There are late bloomers and there shouldn't be any specific mold or timeline for finding someone you want to spend your life with.

      HFX's character was quite consistent throughout the drama IMO. She wasn't set up as a career driven ambitious woman. She was competent in her job, but realized that she's lucky to have her job and would probably not be able to find a similar position and pay at a larger corporation. Her family and friends are more important to her, and I can relate to how you don't want to disappoint the people you care about. It is very realistic how marriage is between 2 families in some ways, not just the actual couple. I also know people who have been relationships that were with someone deemed "compatible" and "great catches", but they weren't happy. It takes strength and courage to recognize that and actually end the relationship.

      I like how YS summarized in the finale that there are not evil people in HFX's world because she sees the good in people and has been lucky enough to have only good people in her life.

  7. Gostei demais. É assim mesmo e não como a gente esperava que fosse. De tão cheia de si, assertiva, ela acabou desequilibrando com medo da novidade, afinal, primeiro amor, primeira paixão, primeiro beijo, muitas primeiras vezes deixam um pouco de receio. Tinha que esconder, mesmo! Na verdade ela não sabia se o amava. Foi mal. Quando descobriu, a personagem era o que era. Comédia romântica, gente.
    Muito bem desenrolada e desenvolvida no final. Não foi aquele corre-corre que você segue atrás das cenas rapidamente. Deu pra curtir cada detalhe, coisa que quase sempre não acontece. Falo muito que é preciso saber escrever os finais. E souberam. Infelizmente ao procurar o diretor, escritor, roteirista (perfeito), ví que se tratava de uma novela de TV não citando as pessoas que eu queria. Detalhe dos braços abertos se espreguiçando quando foi buscar os sapatos! Detalhe do cordão com o pingente no final, na floricultura, muito dez.
    Gravei o final. Quero rever vez ou outra.
    Amei esse menino. É muito lindo.
    Como são muito jovens e eu cheguei aos 70, vivo pedindo a Deus que todos esse jovens tenham uma vida muito feliz.

  8. Gente, muito erro! Perdoem, não tenho o hábito de corrigir o texto.

    1. Está bien, gracias por tu comentario.

  9. Voltei.
    As roupas são lindas! Os acessórios também.