Throwback to the 14-Year-Old Wang Yibo When He Served as Han Geng's Backup Dancer

Most boys I know went through what I personally call as "anime hair phase" and I guess the dashing Wang Yibo was not exempted.

Pictures of the then 14-year-old Wang Yibo with a much younger Han Geng made rounds on the internet where Wang Yibo is looking like a real life Super Saiyan from the anime Dragon Ball with his wild yellow hair which was popular back then although compared to the character, he has a much slimmer built. The snaps were taken during singer-actor Han Geng's concert in 2011 where the two of them showed off their dance moves to the audience. Although it was before Wang Yibo's debut as part of the boyband UNIQ, he was able to join Han Geng's concert because both are signed under Yuehua Entertainment. Hmm, It's probably like a test in the waters to see if the young man has what it takes on stage and he clearly does.

What I like about this is that Wang Yibo looked so child-like! It's so refreshing to see him just having fun on stage. Now, that lanky boy in the pictures is gone and in his stead is a swoon-worthy young actor who caught a lot of girls' hearts from his amazing performance in The UntamedI wonder, though, if the thought of him gaining international stardom ever crossed his mind during that time?  

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  1. Seeing him this young, wow

  2. is that really him ? different face

    1. Right? lol He looks like a completely different person. The only thing that remained the same would be his eyes and lips.

  3. Just gotta say, this wasn't that long ago. Isn't he 22 years old? That was only 8 yrs ago.

  4. Aww 14 yr old WYB got chubby face :)!!! He is only around 20 something and still young. He still have a baby face, but he does look just a little different. Love him in The Untamed :)!!!