Le Coup de Foudre Star Zhang Yujian Scores Points for Adorably Comedic Reactions in Find Yourself

zhang yujian as he canyang
Victoria Song and Song Weilong's newest romance drama Find Yourself has been proving itself to be a crowd favourite since premiering last month. Well this week, the pair are facing unexpected competition for viewer’s love from her twin brother He Canyang, played by Le Coup de Foudre actor Zhang Yujian whose “house came crashing down” after learning that Team Fanxing-Yuan Song was a thing!

And what do you know, guess he’s not in the Team Fanxing-Yuan Song corner just yet if his reaction is an indicator. To be fair, the poor man had to come to terms with his twin sister dating his student who is ten years their junior, and to add more salt to the wound, if things work out, he’d have to deal with the horror of calling his own student “brother in law”! Oh how his world has come crashing down alright. In fact, Netizens have been joking that not only has his “house crashed” but even its very foundation has been razed! And to cap things off, things always don’t go his way as he’s always the (cute) recipient of everyone’s disapproval and his twin sister’s ... fists. The poor fellow.

I say, Zhang Yujian is turning out to be quite the comedian in this drama. His reactions and his “poor little me” pout is just PRICELESS. If you watched the clip, you’ll know what I mean.. and that face when he asked Yuan Song if he’d slept with his sister yet – gold I tell you. Never thought he could be this funny basing from his quiet and dignified mien in LCdF. Despite playing a supporting role in the drama, I reckon he’s earned himself a whole slew of new fans along the way if he continues on the way he's doing now. Alright, who here is gonna go rewatch Le Coup de Foudre just for Zhang Yujian? *lol*

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  1. I started rewatching it already!!

  2. Gold. Priceless! LOL.

  3. He is so cute in this drama. It gets to the frustrating point of the drama now with a lot of heartbroken and anguishing but we need more of the twin coupling. I don’t hate the second male lead, actually his personalities are hilarious and great. The actor is good too. But I just ship the sister and Yuan Song. I want them to be couple again and be public about their relationship.

  4. Uwu he's so cute. Reminds me of his Please Love Me character. Childish but endearing lol

  5. Hey does anyone else know where I can watch this?? Thx.

    1. Www.maplestage.com

      There is no English sub though.

  6. I feel his frustration.. lols. Even as a viewer, i couldn't continue watching it and stopped at ep 5 after they slept together before they were an item. Well, it was the starting point tho.

    I just wish there'll be a twist that his twin sister isnt his real sister just like what happened in kdrama kill me heal me, lmao. She's 32 and he's only 22.. i wish she were 35 and he were 25 at least. But im just a minority. Will watch anything with weilong later as long as not jie di love story hehe..

  7. I knew he will make it since the first time i saw his acting.... He is flowing with talent

  8. I remember him as Zhan Ying, Jing Wan's loyal sidekick, from Nirvana in Fire. Only knew his real name now.