Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo Still Aren't Legally Married?

We've all heard the incredible story of reality TV sweethearts Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo’s whirlwind courtship and how Jacky popped the question just eight months after meeting each other. 

We've all seen the beautiful pictures of the wedding ceremony under the Italian summer sun shared by the couple; ooohed and ahhed over how stunning the beautiful bride looked and how besotted by each other they were. So it might be a bit of a shocker to find out that the two aren't legally married YET. 

jacky heung day day up livestream
Jacky dropped that little bit of information when he and Bea Hayden appeared for a live stream guesting with the Day Day Up cast 天天云时间. Turns out the couple have yet to register their marriage legally. 

According to the star, the couple decided to have a wedding first and then just wait for an auspicious date or a good time when both of them are free to go to the registry office.  Kinda weird if you ask me, since it’s quite easy to get your marriage license. Besides, it’s probably one of the first things most people would want to tick off on the long “to do” list when planning for a wedding. But hey ho, it’s their mutual choice – as long as they’re happy. As some people have pointed out, becoming legally wed is just a formality, the most important thing is for them to really love each other.

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  1. that makes me question whether their relationship is just publicity stunt.

    1. These days, those are just some papers. Who knows what the future will be like and if separating ever happens, those legal papers might just make things hard. Maybe they just want to be cautious about that.

      If you say that, would that also means those those who married with certifications but without the ritual wedding, might also use their relationship as a publicity stunt as well? Afterall, to celebrities (and only celebrities) those certifications bind them more in a "business" and "assets" type of way.

    2. I assumed publicity stunt because contract/loveless marriages are normal in Asia. It's normal for people to use each other's fame to their advantage.