Crystal Liu on the Boycott Mulan Hashtag and the Virus That’s Ravaging her Hometown

In the lead up to the scheduled release of her movie Mulan next month, the star of Disney’s live adaptation Crystal Liu Yifei popped by the offices of The Hollywood Reporter for an exclusive together with her New Zealand born director Niki Caro who guided her in the film. 

For the first time ever, Crystal touches on THAT politically charged post she made last year. “I think it’s a very complicated situation and I’m not an expert” says the actress much more cautiously now in case her comments might come back to bite her in the future. “I just really hope this gets resolved soon. I think it’s just a very sensitive situation”, she adds.  As you guys know, the Disney star made waves after her post showing her support for the Hong Kong Police put her in the very centre of a controversy. Quite a bold move for the actress because sure enough, angry Netizens who were unhappy with her statement reacted by launching the #BoycottMulan movement online. Now that we know the film cost Disney an eye watering $200M to make, the campaign might spell bad news for the studio if it can potentially cause the film to flop.  

Since the 32 year old actress was originally born in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus which has already claimed thousands and is still wreaking havoc locally and globally, the conversation inevitably touched upon whether she had any family or close friends affected by the disease. Luckily, she says she doesn’t have any relatives and friends infected. The actress who left Wuhan for Los Angeles with her mother when she was ten said that “It’s really heavy for me to even think about it. People are doing the right thing. They’re being careful for themselves and for others. I’m so touched actually to see how they haven’t been out for weeks”, referring to the self quarantine many back home are doing in an effort to inhibit the further spread of the virus. The actress said she’s hopeful for a miracle to happen and for the epidemic to be under control very soon. 

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  1. they always back track after they say some dumb stuff. learn how to stfu!

    1. When you learn how to STFU then you can tell others how to STFU HAHHAAA!

    2. I know you probably won't read this but can you quit the "hahaahaha" and all the sarcastic comments. It's very annoying. I am not just saying this to you, but to other people out there.

      Sorry if I offended you or anyone else in any way but please.

  2. She's probably just saying all that because she realizes how much money it will cost Disney and how it will affect her career going forward.

    1. She does not need Hollywood. It's Hollywood that needs her.

    2. She wasn't allow to say nothing, but if she says anything, she can't support either side too. I found her social media post to be very argumentative.

  3. she has American citizenship also.

    1. She should have her citizenship revoked and be shipped back to China then lol.

    2. Wow, America is such a great country, stripping a citizen of their citizenship just because they hold and/or express a certain view

      The truth is, American citizenship is not that great. Especially nowadays. Nowhere near as wonderful as you think

      Even if, hypothetically speaking, she loses her American citizenship, meh, not a big loss

      And I’m sure she wouldn’t need to be shipped out of the US. She would gladly leave of her own accord since it’s a festering pit full of imbeciles like you

      Speaking of shipping, I think the majority of Americans should be shipped backed to Britain or whichever other country their ancestors came from and the stolen land returned to the Native Americans


    3. Sara sounds like an ass but 3.b sounds like a hypocrite who should not step into the land of US

    4. Don't worry 3.C, you can be assured that I will never step foot into the US. No desire to at all

      And I don't understand what you mean when you say I'm a hypocrite.

      You, on the other hand, sound butt-hurt

    5. wow people are so butt hurt I only pointed it out cause it's another reason why she got the role as Mulan.

    6. EDIT: wow people are so butt hurt I only pointed it out cause it's another reason why she got the role as Mulan. I'm not even American.

    7. China doesn't allow dual citizenship.

    8. I don't know why people are attacking 3.b? Did she actually offend anybody (that doesn't deserve to)?

  4. When you think about this issue only a dumb*** would come out and support (unless threaten by their government to do so). Everybody wants that freedom to do as they please without being control by their government. She is so lucky to be in a position where she can escape that strict government whenever she wants or stay for a while and make off her $ there.

    I don't support violence, but that message all the C-stars were posting in support was not really positive either. They all deserved criticism from int'l fans.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!

      These commenters should go say STFU to every C-stars too?

      Crystal is a US citizen but she works in China and needs them to broadcast her dramas. If she is communist at heart, (boo and I feel very bad for her believing that but people choose what they believe) then so are all the C-stars too because they posted the same things.

    2. You guys talk as if Communism is a bad thing

      You’ve been brainwashed since you were born to believe that it is an evil thing

      In reality, it is just a different system of governance, a different ideology, a different concept from Western democracy

      And there is nothing wrong with that difference

      The fact that people from Western democracies cannot tolerate a different system of governance and ideology highlights how narrow-minded, flawed (and actually authoritarian) that Western democracy is

      The world is big enough to accommodate more than one dominant power, more than one system of governance, more than one ideology

      If Chinese Communism were that bad (in fact China is not even truly Communist, it is Socialist), the Chinese government wouldn’t have the support, approval and trust of greater than 80% of the Chinese population

      This is in contrast to the less than 30% trust rating that the US govt has from its people

      So stop being a frog in a well, open your eyes, see more of the world for what it really is, visit China rather than swallowing all the garbage propaganda and lies the mainstream Western media shoves down your throat

      And, most of all, grow a brain and become more open-minded and tolerant

    3. Visit China? Please go 4.b, nobody wants to go with you. Wondering who is the person who actually lives in a well and does not know what is going on in China right now. If you are in the US u are a hypocrite.

      Communism is so good that's why the president rather save face than warning people about the epidemic, and a good doctor's death was very mysterious.

      SOOOOOO open minded. Hey, look at who's brain washed?

    4. 4.b is such an idiot, only idiots believe in those fake ratings. Rigged.

      And, who in China dares to make the gov't find out they don't trust their gov't?

      Only in the US you are allow not to trust your gov't and still stay safe.

      What you are saying right now, the US don't see you as a terrorist but having different views. If somebody goes to China and makes such a post on C-webiste like you did here, you can't even guess what can happen to them.

      Stop telling others about how brain washed you are, China is well known for their re-education camps and obviously you graduated from there.

    5. 4.b is clearly a wu mao. Do not engage lmao.

    6. 4.d, so I guess the Edelman Trust Barometer, Gallup and Pew Research surveys are fake and rigged, even when they have been conducted by well-established highly respected institutions, and accepted and referenced by prestigious international organisations such as the OECD? And even the US itself?

      And articles have been written about the findings of such surveys, even by well-acknowledged media outlets such as Forbes etc?

      Okaaaay...keep being deluded and living in la la land then

      And no, YOU'RE the one who has clearly been brainwashed and re-educated if you think that "only in the US you are allowed not to trust your gov't and still stay safe". Ever heard of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? And how the US is trying to persecute and murder them? No? I need not say more. You've obviously been living under a rock and too dense to realise the truth

      For your information, there is a public website in China where citizens can submit and publish complaints and feedback to their government. It is all in the open and citizens are not restricted in the complaints that they can make. And no, they do not just disappear if they make a complaint. That is a lie made-up by anti-Chinese shills. Don't believe it? Go to China and test it out for yourself

      Your likening the Chinese govt to being terrorists is ridiculous beyond imagination.
      Which country has executed some of the worst massacres of members of its own population in history? And which country goes around the world bombing, maiming and killing poor people in other countries, often on the pretext of a made-up lie?

      Well, a number of countries but the worst would have to be the United Satans of America. Ever heard of the Elaine Massacre near the Mississippi? Or how about the war on Iraq where surprise, surprise, no weapons of mass destruction were found and the President was caught lying about it?

      The US govt is the worst war criminal and terrorist in the world, but CIA shills like you are in deep denial

      China's re-education camps have proven to be successful in de-radicalising extremists and terrorists. Something the US should greatly envy. Given the extremism of your beliefs and the depths of your brainwashing, you should attend those camps too and sort yourself out. You would be doing yourself (and the world) a great favour

    7. 4.e is clearly a CIA shill. Just ignore. LMFAO

    8. 4.c, I have actually been to China multiple times (since 20 years ago), which is why I can say what I've said with confidence. Not like you, obviously a know-it-all armchair critic who's better left living in the Stone Age.

      So I well know what is going on in China. And no, I'm not in the US.

      My family and friends are Chinese.

      It's hilarious when the white man tries to tell you things about you as if they know you better than you know your people and yourself LMAO

      And no, it was not the Chinese President who delayed news about the epidemic. The LOCAL Wuhan officials were the ones who initially carried out a formal investigation to try to figure out whether there was a new virus and what was going on. Obviously, it's not prudent or responsible to release any news before the investigation had concluded and a formal finding was drawn, otherwise it might set off a panic amongst the Wuhan residents who would flee the city to other parts of China and the world. That's what you want, huh?

      As for Dr Li's so-called 'mysterious' death, educate yourself on the true events that happened and watch this:

      The reason why he died despite being of a young age is because he was fighting on the frontlines as a hospital doctor and had been exposed to many patients with the coronavirus. In fact, he was one of the first to be exposed when they didn't know that this new virus existed. On top of that, he was exhausted from treating patients and his immune system was compromised hence diminishing his body's natural ability to fight off the virus.

      For your information, he's not even an infectious diseases doctor. He was actually an ophthalmologist who was treating a young female patient for an eye problem when he noticed that she had a persistent fever that didn't subside. What they didn't know at that time was that she had been infected with the coronavirus. When she didn't get better, Dr. Li started to grow suspicious and thought it could be a SARS-like virus. He then sent a message to a groupchat of about 14 colleagues and friends to voice his suspicion but warned them emphatically NOT to reveal this to anyone else as the new virus had not been confirmed yet. If you can read Chinese, you can read his WeChat message for yourself.

      The Wuhan authorities caught wind of his message and asked him to sign a declaration to keep this to himself as they were still conducting their formal investigation and had not reached a conclusion and did not want the city's residents to panic and flee before they did lab testing and knew for sure what was going on.

      There was nothing sinister about what happened with Dr. Li at all. Just sensationalised by the West in an effort to bash China. As always.

    9. I know this is going to cause a lot of slander, but I SO agree with 4.b. Since most of us didn't actually grow up in China or other Communist countries, we WERE taught that ours and ours only government was the best thing and Communism was the "evil" one we should all fight to eliminate. And bruh, what makes you think that the Coronavirus was somehow caused by Communism? It's a medical thing, not a political matter.

  5. Mulan movie is heavily censored anyways. Disney made a financial decision (sold out) for the production to not have the charms of the previous Mulan movie. China already has tons of Mulan inspired dramas, movies without Disney elements. What's the point if Disney makes another exactly like that? Waste of everyone's time.

    1. Well, it will be a lot easier for English-speaking audiences to understand. I know subtitles may be provided but it's still not as good as when they're actually speaking it.

  6. what's wrong with supporting the police against the Hong Kong thugs?

    1. Because many of the people that the police used force against weren't thugs at all, but peaceful protesters who had the right to do what they were doing. You sound like someone on Fox news, don't spread misinformation.

    2. Ah, Anonymous 6a, another fool brainwashed by the respected propaganda channels to believe that there were peaceful protestors being attacked by HK police. These people were involved in illegal assemblies. Either that or they were being violent brutes and terrorists. It is the job of the police to enforce the law and bring order to society and there is nothing wrong with supporting that.

      There’s tons of actual footage showing that the police did not lift a finger against LEGAL peaceful assemblies. The police acted only when necessary in an attempt to maintain order when provoked and attacked

      In fact, the rioters (I wouldn’t call them protestors) were overwhelmingly aggressive and vicious in their attacks against the police as well as other ordinary citizens who didn’t agree with them. The police were actually acting in defence against these scum

      YOU’RE the one spreading misinformation through the lens of your biased perspective and twisted ideology

    3. I have seen the footage of what the Hong Kong police have been doing. You are simply buying into whatever the CCP is telling you without looking at the cold hard proof available. The HK police brutality is not acceptable in any way. Shame on you and the celebrities endorsing such horrendous actions and blaming it on the vulnerable party involved. Truly disgusting.

    4. I HAVE looked at the footage, and these are just SOME examples of what I see:
      (Hong Kong protesters shoot arrows at police during clashes at Chinese University)
      (Elderly woman vents frustration at Hong Kong protesters)
      (Widespread vandalism during 19th straight weekend of Hong Kong protests)

      I need not say more

      The CCP has not told me anything. I don't read any news from the Chinese media outlets or follow any Chinese social media. I base my views and opinions on the cold, hard facts of what I can see and perceive with my own senses.

      YOU are simply buying into whatever the Western MSM and deep state are telling you without looking at the evidence objectively and without any prejudice or bias. You're obviously not using your own brain to judge for yourself without relying on the manipulated Western narrative.

      Shame on YOU for condoning violence against the HK police and ordinary citizens who are not part of the protest/riot movement, and endorsing the insane madness and vicious actions of the rioters and then laying the blame on the law enforcers.

      The protestors/rioters are far from vulnerable. They were very well-funded and well-equipped and knew what they were doing. Has anyone ever seen vulnerable people carrying and throwing petrol bombs/molotov cocktails, lighter fluid, bricks, hammers, bows and arrows, metal pipes etc? *SNORT*

      Before you blame the HK police for (rightfully) defending themselves and the city, dig through the US records and see what happened when there were protests/riots in the US. Now THAT'S what I call brutality.

      Or even look at the recent protests in India. Or France. Or Catalonia. The list goes on.

      There were deaths in the protests in the US, India and France. Can't say the same for so-called 'police brutality' in HK even when the protest movement has lasted for far longer than any other protest in other countries.

      If anything, many people believe that the HK police have been too soft, weak and forgiving to the HK rioters.

      You find my views disgusting? I find YOU disgusting!

    5. Not going to come to US but come to international site to ramble brain washing doctrines. Isn't your intentions too obvious? None of the info you provided are correct.

    6. 6.e, so you’re saying that if someone doesn’t want to visit the US, they’re not allowed to visit an international site and express their views?

      The international world is a much much bigger place than the US. And the world does not equate to the US. Sorry to burst your bubble

      Also, where is the ‘freedom of speech’ that Americans and Westerners always champion and preach about?

      I can come to an international site and express my views. That’s my freedom of speech. That’s the supposed democratic way.

      The fact that you disapprove of me doing so shows that you lack democratic values. Perhaps you are ‘Communist’? LOL

      It just proves what was said earlier about how narrow-minded many people living in Western democracies are

      I have no intentions. Don’t try to do any guesswork coz you lack the intelligence for it

      If actual video footage and other info that can easily be researched and verified are not correct info, then you are clearly blind, dull and prone to saying anything irrational that comes to mind.

      You clearly have no substantial arguments left

      Besides, there’s no point arguing with a person who’s pretending to be asleep

  7. Definitely not paying to see this in theaters as much as I want to support a movie starring a POC woman. Should've hired another actress from the get go.

    1. POC, Person of color?
      So you want a white person pretending to be Asian? Something only convinced by the dumbest people.

      Want another Asian woman to play? They all posted the same thing.
      Crystal Liu's post was still at least controversial, the police were bad but some protestors were terrible too, she's probably only against the bad ones but can't say everything in details.

  8. The lady has a beauty that is sensational.

    1. Please quit saying this in every post associated with Liu Yifei. We get, she's pretty.

  9. There were thousands of people who worked on the movie. Although she is the star, it's not fair to boycott the production just because of her. I don't agree with her whatsoever, but boycotting the movie isn't going to change her opinion.

  10. Definitely gonna support Liu Yi Fei.

  11. So it's ok for the hong kong thugs to destroy public property, burn people alive, and throw bricks to kill an innocent human being. What's the police suppose to do ? Some people here are so ignorant and clueless.

  12. I won't pay to watch this movie but not because of any political ideology. I just like to download illegally any movie I want to watch. Oooops.

    I think we should argue about Disney and Nicki Caro's statements so far which have caused lots of stressful debates on Twitter.

    It's all great to see a Chinese cast in a White movie with Chinese characters but let's remember that they're going for the audience who will not watch Chinese anywhere else and who will not watch Chinese movies after watching this.

    As expected there are people praising communism and saying sweet lies about it.
    No government system or political ideology is good. We are Humans and it's Human nature to enjoy Human cruelty in it's all forms.
    Right or left. Communism or Capitalism. It's all evil.

    I live in a leftist/communist country but no government from any side does good job at anything.
    Every public service is in shambles. No week goes by in any sector of the public service without strikes and violent protests asking for more money and better conditions. No money, no salary and no benefits.
    The puplic health care system is in shambles. Lack of doctors, lack of nurses, lack of medicine, lack of medical equipments, lack of medical machines, lack of facilities and so much more. Patients waiting on the floor in the hospital for medical attention and not getting it because there are thousands others in the same situation.

  13. To the people praising the CCP in the comments. In China, you're not allowed to discuss the government like this. Any criticism online is immediately censored and you can even be taken in by the police. It's not a joke. It's not an exaggeration. You praise the trust your people have in the CCP, but when they have no outside information and only have the information the CCP gives them, of course they're going to have trust. What else do they have to go off of? I am by no means saying democracy or western politics is the way to go, but the one party totalitarian dictatorship that occupies China currently, is a root of profound evil. The Chinese people deserve to see every option available and not be lied to. The Chinese people deserve so much better than what they have.

  14. No-one is praising the CCP

    Some people are just saying that Communism with Chinese characteristics is not the evil that many have been brainwashed to believe. In fact, China is not strictly Communist; it is only so in name. In reality it is Socialist with a large streak of Capitalism running through it

    Unlike what Westerners think, China does have an election system. It is just that the leaders are indirectly, rather than directly, elected. The people vote at the county or district level, and the elected officials then vote for the next level of leaders and so on all the way to the top and the selection is based on meritocracy and the proven track record of the candidates

    In China to be a leader, you can’t just pork-barrel the population, give bombastic speeches, manipulate the media and then get elected. You have to have started from the lower rungs and proved yourself to your peers and to the population first before you are considered worthy of election/appointment to a higher post.

    Usually, to become part of the Central government, you need to have been the governor of at least 1, usually more than 1, province. And your performance during that time is considered

    Also, China does not rely on one single leadership. The Politburo Standing Committee of 9 members consult together and vote on major decisions affecting the country

    The point is, it’s just a different system of government and one that’s working well for China

    If the Chinese system were so evil, the government would not have lifted at least 800 million people out of poverty in a mere matter of 1 or 2 decades and brought economic prosperity and stability to the nation

    If China, with its whopping 1.4 billion popular, were to adopt the alternative system of democracy, it would surely descend into chaos, stalemates and great inefficiency (just like India) and people would fall back into poverty

    So no, having one single party ruling the country is NOT the root of profound evil. And China is not totalitarian. It is authoritarian. Please get that right.

    Also, who’s to say that democracy cannot be the root of evil? Ever heard of the democratically elected former PM if Malaysia Najib Razak and how he bled the country dry of its wealth and resources through the massive and infamous 1MDB corruption scandal?

    That’s just one example

    And who says that the Chinese are not well-informed and don’t know what their options are or what’s going on in the world?

    There’s such a thing called VPN. Just go on YouTube, for example. The huge numbers of mainland Chinese users and viewers on there says everything

    Also, I’m guessing that you haven’t been to China? Because if you have and you have spoken to enough Chinese, you will be well surprised at how well-informed and knowledgeable they are about world affairs and other political systems

    Except for the Chinese, it is nobody else’s business how China is organised and governed. Who are you to preach from your high horse and say what’s good for China and its people?

    How do you know that the current governing system is not the one that the Chinese people want and are satisfied with?

    Those fake stories of people getting taken away or put in jail are made up by Falungong activists — members of an anti-China cult that has been working very actively with the CIA and other foreign elements for many years. Don’t simply believe everything you hear

    The long and short of it is — don’t mind China’s business. You have no right to. Mind your own

    You don’t have to be scared or threatened by China’s governing system. After all, China is not trying to force its system on anyone else. If democracy is as great as claimed, you should have more confidence in it and let it run in your own country

    The world doesn’t need to be homogeneous all over

    1. Oh man. You are spreading so much misinformation, it's insane. Please everyone. Do the research yourselves. Please be aware of the information and the source from which it comes. The CCP state run media has brainwashed so many. VPNs are not widely used at all by most citizens of China, and even the ones who do use them have still been raised on the propaganda for years. I'm not saying the west is without propaganda as well. But because of our ability to have a free press and the privately run media, we are able to see so many different opinions and are able to decide for ourselves what to believe. I don't blame you. Honestly, but I do urge you to look beyond what they tell you. You mention the CIA working with an anti-china cult but where did you receive this information? There is no non-state run journalism in China and that speaks enough on its own. I said in my initial comment that western democracy is not the answer to China's problems. But I do firmly believe that a one party system that doesn't allow their citizens to even legally see what else is out there or to speak their opinions is inherently wrong and evil. I hope one day China can find its own way of governing that allows their people more freedom. This is a drama site, and we have gone way too far into politics. I apologize if I have offended you, that wasn't my intention.

    2. To 4a. I suggest you visit the This will surely open your eyes. You're welcome!

  15. Oh I do believe that China has already found its own way of governing a massive land area and population effectively and efficiently - my observation is that it's not much different today than what was practiced throughout its dynastic history of some thousand years - a loving parent who knows best & what's good for its children and in return, obedient, filial and loyal children. Every past emperor sought to achieve peace and stability within its boundaries. I wouldn't even call today's China "communist" tho' it experimented with that after the last Qing dynasty. By the 1980s, it has started to deviate from that philosophy. True communism is in N. Korea. China has enough freedom for its citizens to practise capitalist ideas and to have private ownership of wealth but not enough freedom to thrash your own home or threaten the peace, if you are inclined to do so. Other than that, you can state your opinions and do what you want within those boundaries. And freedom of speech is over-rated. All countries imposes restrictions - just that the subject matter and tolerance levels varies. Most countries have laws against spreading fake news or offensive speech or disclosing state secrets.
    The point is that western democracy is not the gold standard, nor the only system of governance that can work in every circumstance. Why are others so obsessive about how China runs its own country? It is a very successful state. It contributes a lot of growth, development and knowledge to the world. Throughout its history, it has done so - with so many things we used today all first invented in China. This alone proves that the system does not stifle individual thoughts and creativity. Whereas, a number of other so called democratic countries are failed or failing states. So I say, stop the China (& Chinese people) bashing and look after your own backyard. I'm sure you have enough problems of your own to solve. China does not interfere in your country or tell you that your government system is wrong, why should you interfere in China's internal affairs? P/S : This is not CCP propaganda cos I'm not Chinese. P/S : In my country, if people behaved like those Hong Kong rioters, looting and storming the legislature building and hurting people with weapons & setting people on fire, they would have been shot dead by the police. No questions asked. "Pace".

    1. Now here’s somebody who knows what they’re talking about! I totally agree! Two thumbs up!! :)

  16. As an ethnic person living in the great US of A, I have firsthand experience of the government's hypocrisies and negligence to its people. Seriously, when will the government turn their attention to the homelessness, stagnant of wages, skyrocketed health care, failing education and crumbled infrastructures among many others of its people. I will applauded those very few that tried to fight but majority don't give a damn. That is why the average Americans are experiencing the above in this modern day of America.

  17. Regardless of whether you think communism is good or bad or whether you think Chinese govt is despicable or good...of you believe in freedom of speech and I sincerely hope you do, then please don't participate in the crazy "cancel culture" that is wreaking havoc all over the world. In order for any individual to speak up against things that are wrong or speak up in defense of things that are important, we will need to tolerate people who say things we may not agree with. If you want freedom of speech, you must protect freedom of speech to everyone, not just yourself.

  18. Are the Wu Mao's invading drama websites now? If you don't know what I mean look the term Wu Mao and the 50 cent army up.

  19. Just want to let everyone know. If you're not getting a response it's probably becuz people suddenly realize you're right