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Find Yourself may have ended but not before setting a series high of 2.968% and finishing as the top TV drama this week in CSM59 ratings. It may have dropped to 8th place online, but it was still a good way to make an exit, don't ya think? Victoria Song continues to top the celebrity list with co-star Song Weilong in 9th. 

A number of new premieres have made its way to the small screens. Huang Xuan and Tong Liya's office drama Perfect Partner seems to continue Find Yourself's hot streak on Hunan TV as it premieres with a high of 2.789% to rank 2nd on TV. It also ranks 4th in online rankings. Sun Li and Luo Jin's tandem as real estate agents in I Will Find You a Better Home has also premiered with the show landing in 9th online. It's literally been years since Li Yifeng's last drama aired and he is finally back with Wait in Beijing which premiered on Sunday.

New World which also recently ended takes the crown online. Meanwhile, Alan Yu and Yukee Chen are back in costume with the web drama The Love Lasts Two Minds which enters the list in 6th. It places after Dilireba and Vengo Gao's Eternal Love of Dream in 5th. Forward Forever may have failed to enter the top 10 but male lead Jackson Yee makes a leap from 5th place to 2nd. Under The Power stars Tan Songyun and Ren Jialun find themselves in 3rd and 5th place while Yang Zi rounds up the list.

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  1. Ahhhh Tan Song Yun and Allen Ren. UNDER THE POWER couple. The best costume drama I have ever watched. We will know more about these 2 actors because they were awsome as Lu Yi and Jin Xia.