Zheng Shuang's Dad Caught in the Zheng Shuang-Wu Xuanyi Fanwar

zheng shuang wu xuanyi fanwar
Leaving hateful comments on someone's social media account is already low but doing that on their parent's account? Now, that's a whole new low.

The fighting between Zheng Shuang and Wu Xuanyi fans led to both stars being at the receiving end of bashing from fans of the other. And the latest casualty is Zheng Shuang's dad Zheng Chenghua who is known to be very supportive of his daughter.

zheng shuang sue cyberbullies
Think of the worst things anyone can say and that's what you'll probably see on the comments section. It's just full of negativity! Not the type to just sit around and wait for the fire to burn out, the actress' camp made their move and issued a warning on January 7 saying that if the bashers won't stop, they are prepared to take legal action since they already gathered all necessary evidence. To show that they are serious, they also released a statement from the actress' lawyers publicly naming some weibo user ID's in violation. 

The fanwar allegedly started because the two were captured in one photo at an airport where it looked as though most of the people were trying to take photos of Zheng Shuang whose face was covered while Wu Xuanyi sat on the side. Zheng Shuang fans would say that Zheng Shuang is just that popular while Wu Xuanyi fans would say that they went to the airport just for Wu Xuanyi so the fuzz over Zheng Shuang was simply because she happened to pass by at the time. 

Honestly, it doesn't even matter who and how all of this nonsense started, nothing and I repeat nothing justifies this kind of behavior! Why can't we just support those we idolize and ignore the celebs who aren't our cup of tea. Life would be more peaceful that way. With all that's happening, I'm just happy to see that stars nowadays know how to fight instead of just silently absorbing whatever is being thrown at them.

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  1. they both look alike so making fun of one actress looks over the other would be stupid.

    1. They don't look alike. They look so different.

    2. They don't look alike at all. The one on the right is prettier.

  2. Geesh I thought they fight over something so serious like someone defame their fave but it's really just plain stupid fandom drama. Embarrassing.

  3. It seems fans from both sides made hateful comments in the heat of the argument, yet only one side is controlling the discussion (6 hot searches in one day, all framed in a biased way), taking legal actions and threatening to sue; I wonder why. I am not condoning cyber bullying, but to me this is just another case of fandom drama, annoying yet harmless.

  4. Crazy fans. How about just supporting whoever you want to support without saying anything negative on the other star? Never heard of Ms. Wu, however, Zhuang Shuang has been popular and probably more famous than the other girl.
    Probably for PR purposes -- any PR is good PR in the Entertainment world.

  5. I hate fan wars. I mean, hello? Actresses/actors - YOUR idol - don't like how you are fighting with the fans of the other actor anyway!

  6. Why isn't it in the article anywhere about what the dad said or was said about him in detail? Literally glossed over when this article was written with him in the headline.