Most Popular Actresses, Actors, Characters and Dramas for the 2019 Weibo TV Series Awards

The year 2019 brought us a mix of hits and misses. Let's see who rose to the top as we check the winners of the 2019 Weibo TV Series awards that was organized online.

Top 10 Popular Actress:

With Go Go Squid! becoming a summer hit, it's not surprising to see Yang Zi's name at the top of the list. Ju Jingyi who starred in Please Give Me A Pair of Wings follows in second while the charming and outspoken Zheng Shuang comes in third.

1. Yang Zi
2. Ju Jingyi
3. Zheng Shuang
4. Zhao Liying
5. Yang Chaoyue
6. Guo Xiaoting
7. Bai Lu
8. Sandrine Pinna
9. Zhou Yutong
10. Zhang Xueying

Top 10 Popular Actors:

One of the saddest news that hit C-ent was the controversial death of Godfrey Gao, so it's no wonder that the late actor wins the top actor award. Truly, his death was a great loss for the industry and I pray that his soul is at peace. Lin Yushen and Lai Kuanlin follow in second and third place.

1. Godfrey Gao
2. Lin Yushen
3. Lai Kuanlin
4. Wang Yibo
5. Luo Yunxi
6. Ma Tianyu
7. Xiao Zhan
8. Li Xian
9. Deng Lun
10. Zeng Shunxi

Top 10 Popular Characters: 

Of course, what's a successful series without its notable characters, right? Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji who are both from The Untamed claim the top two spots while the bubbly Tong Nian from Go Go Squid! takes the third place.

1. Wei Wuxian - The Untamed
2. Lan Wangji - The Untamed
3. Tong Nian - Go Go Squid
4. Rong Qi - Princess Silver
5. Qian Sanyi - Growing Pain
6. Hao Zeyu - Mr. Fighting
7. Shao Pengcheng - My True Friend
8. Gu Weiyi - Put Your Head on my Shoulder
9. Li Xingran - No Secrets
10. Liang Younian - A Little Thing Called First Love

Top 10 Popular Dramas:

Albeit having a shaky start, The Untamed won viewers' hearts so seeing it as the top popular drama is really quite expected. Go Go Squid! which features the incredible chemistry between Yang Zi and Li Xian ranks in second. Meanwhile, the late Godfrey Gao's drama The Gravity of a Rainbow is in third place. 

1. The Untamed
2. Go Go Squid
3. The Gravity of a Rainbow
4. A Little Thing Called First Love
5. Gank Your Heart
6. Chasing Ball
7. Prince of Tennis
8. My Mowgli Boy
9. Mr. Fighting
10. Hot-blooded Youth 

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  1. It’s Yang Zi year.

  2. I'm pretty sure this is the first time Yang Mi's not here :( why oh why?

  3. Unbelievable. For Top 10 Popular Characters, people chose Tong Nian over Han Shangyan? Tong Nian's presence was that of a supporting role compared to Han Shangyan's greater presence in the drama. Han Shangyan was the most important character in Go Go Squid.

    1. The result is 100% based on fans voting. My guess is Li Xian Chinese fans were not too focused on voting for this category. So I'd say don't place so much importance on this. We all know Han Shangyan is a much more popular character than those on the lsit. There was literally "boyfriend Han Shangyan fever" term used while it was airing.

    2. Yeah. I was like what the heck, he's not even mentioned on the list. The character was so prominently popular, much more so than those other characters listed, thus the show's high ratings. He basically carried the he IS the show. If Li Xian's fans weren't sleeping and all had voted, I'm guessing his character should at least be Number 2 on the list. What a missed honor for him. SMH

  4. I really wanted Bai Lu higher up the list.

    1. It's a shame that she's not as popular as the other actresses in China. When in my opinion she has great potential to be an amazing actress.

    2. i agree. She is one of the few who can actually act but top 10 is still good :) It's not like these lists are about talent anyway or a few people shouldn't be there.

    3. Right. It's more popularity vote. Either way Bai Lu has great projects lined up. She'll garner more fans.