Ming Dao Devastated Over Deaths of His Brother's Family in Suspected Murder-Suicide

ming dao
According to Taiwan news outlets, a family of three was found dead in a wooded area in Taipei on January 5. One of the bodies, a certain Lin, was revealed to be actor Ming Dao's older brother. Police speculate that Lin made use of a piece of rope that he prepared to strangle his wife and son first before hanging himself. Messages from Lin's phone reveal that he was heavily in debt and wanted to die. 

Ming Dao who rose to fame through the 2005 Taiwanese drama The Prince Who Turns into a Frog came from humble beginnings. His brother's financial troubles had already come under scrutiny in the past when Ming Dao would talk about his brother's gambling and the debts that he would help pay off. In 2013, creditors crashed the presscon for Ming Dao's drama Beauties of the Emperor to collect money as his brother had accumulated substantial debts by using his connection with the actor. 

In response to the questions for comments, Ming Dao's agency reveals that the actor is currently in shocked and extremely sad. He knows nothing about the case and is trying to understand what happened, but out of respect for the legal requirements to keep the case confidential, he will only discuss matters with the police and will try his best to cooperate with them to find the truth while consoling his family.

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  1. I feel so bad for Ming Dao and his family. I hope his parents are ok. I'm wondering how many siblings does Ming Dao have? It's terrible when something like this happened to anyone. Gambling is such a big, big problem with us, Asian people. That's why i hate gambling. Best wishes to all of them.

  2. There is only so much Ming Dao can help and support his brothers bad gambling. I hope he does not blame himself...

  3. Condolences to him and his family.Addiction is always hard, especially when it is a never ending hole called Gambling. He shouldn't have taken the life of his wife nor his son.

    1. He probably thought the loan sharks would go after them as well. This is why i will never date a guy who gambles. It's a bad habit and people underestimate the seriousness of this addiction.

    2. @ Anonymous 3 & Tammy:

      Condolences to Ming Dao & his family.
      Yes. 100% agree with you. It's a very, very scary addiction. Some people gamble for decades. I stayed away from gamblers also.

    3. @Tammy,
      Pretty sure Ming Do would have at least helped at the wife and his nephew. It is very sad for him as well as for his parents to lose Not only their son, but their Grandson and daughter in law all in one day

  4. I feel sad for ming dao... I hope his sad days will come to end soon... H eseems to work hard & fought his road... But as they say.. Sucusess is bitter road but it bears the sweetest fruit

  5. I feel bad for Ming Dao, it is not his fault, his brother should have stopped gambling, it is not Ming Dao's responsibility to keep paying off his gambling debt!