Korean Singer-Actress Im Yoona Passes the Chinese Language Exam

im yoona
Hard work really pays off for the Korean singer-actress Im Yoona, and what made the fruit of her labor even better is that she received the news at the start of the year! 

im yoona HSKK exam
It seems like she wasn't just busy with the hit movie Exit last year but was also hitting the books to prepare for something else. What could that be, you may ask? Well, it appears that Yoona took the HSKK exam last December and recently got the results. Spoiler alert: she passed! 

HSKK is an exam to assess the Chinese oral abilities of a non-native speaker. It has three levels - HSKK Primary level, HSKK Intermediate level and HSKK Advanced level. Yoona passed the intermediate level exam.

im yoona god of war
Having starred in the 2016 Chinese drama God of War, Zhao Yun opposite Lin Gengxin, we already know that the actress has been honing her foreign language skills but of course, having passed an exam is worth celebrating.

Truth be told, I'm amazed whenever I see Asian stars (mostly Chinese and Koreans) going to great lengths for their fans to learn another language. It isn't easy plus how are they able to fit that in their busy schedules? I have a lot of time but I can barely learn the alphabet of a foreign language. Anyway, congratulations Yoona! Here's to hoping that you'll have more Chinese projects! 

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  1. Hoping for more Chinese projects for a Korean actress? Please no. China already has too many actresses it needs to cater. Korean actors/singers can do fan meet and concert all they want but to participate in Chinese dramas especially historical dramas, it's a no-no.

    But I applaud her effort to learn Chinese as it's not an easy language.

    1. why not tho? many chinese actors are appearing in kdramas. it's a good collaboration to strength each industry

    2. Very narrow minded opinion in this century. You might as well suggest China shut itself off the world and just live and earn off their own people. Goodness, which decade do you live in ?

    3. yet Thailand has many Chinese actors and actresses.

    4. what about mixed celebrities ? half Korean half Chinese actor or actress can't celebrate their culture ?