Joy of Life Stars Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin Went All Out Drinking and Eating for their Scenes

joy of life li qin
Eating and drinking scenes are pretty standard (although overlooked) on films and television, which begs the question: do actors really drink or eat when in character? Put yourself in their shoes, if you had to eat ice cream for a scene, pretty sure you’ll be thinking “I love this job” and happily eating that cone. But after 30 takes, it won’t be so fun. Most actors have learned to pace themselves, whilst some have a bucket on standby. But some just go all out! 

Speaking of a recent interview, Joy of Life actress Li Qin (aka Chicken Leg Girl) revealed just how much chicken she ate for those scenes and the answer is unsurprisingly, ALOT. 

joy of life li qin chicken leg
“I really ate so much chicken legs to the point of throwing it all up. All I ate for those scenes were chicken legs, ONLY chicken legs! I mean, everyone loves them right and they’d usually say “oh the drumsticks are so nicely fragrant!” Well, I’ll apologise right now to everyone trying to lose some weight because those of you watching the drama must’ve had a huge hankering for some chicken leg upon seeing it on screen.” 

Oh boy imagine craving for some nice juicy drumsticks in the middle of the night – all I can say is thank goodness for delivery, but most definitely, your diet certainly won’t be thanking you. Gotta hand it to Li Qin though, because instead of pretend eating or eating low carb “fakes” to maintain her physique, she went for it! The things we do for our job eh?

Co-star Zhang Ruoyun too had his own share of making himself a wee bit ill after drinking himself under the table for a dramatic scene in the series. To prepare for his drunken scene that will go down as one of the high points of the story, the actor reveals that he started drinking by 8 in the morning, for a scene that took three days to shoot! And the clincher? On the first day alone, Zhang Ruoyun had to take more than 300 shots! Ugh, imagine how much he must’ve drank for those three days, that’s definitely one HUGE hangover for him. 

joy of life zhang ruoyun drinking
To film that scene, the actor said that he was tipsy for one and a half days out of the three! It’s not such a big leap to surmise that the actor is a fan of method acting – “ if you’ve had a few to drink, you can certainly pretend to be very drunk, but if you don’t touch a drop of alcohol, pretending to be inebriated will come out quite fake in the camera."

joy of life zhang ruoyun drinking
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  1. 300 shots?? how are you alive after that?!

  2. Really? I was under the impression all that wine was just water. Do ppl really put wine or alcohol in those jugs?

    1. Lol, i also thought that all that wine was just water. And the beer was just tea.

      Btw article writer nim, is there any news about the season 2?? Hopefully every can participate.

    2. Ikr!!! Anyone thinking about Bai Qian in TMOPB?? TOO MUCH WINE.

    3. @ Anonymous 2.a : Sadly none yet :( From what little crumb of information they dropped, it was that the script for S2 is the works and that the original cast is LIKELY to come back.

      If you've yet to see Anne's article on this last December, please do have a look see -

  3. I'm dying laughing because, He played Drunk too damn goood. I should've known he was Drunk lmaooooo

  4. I must blame Li Qin for making gain wait over the holidays. She had me tearing up them drum stick chickens while watching them I was getting hungry the whole cast eat too much lolol.