JJ Lin Gets a Visit From SNSD's Tiffany Young

jj lin tiffany young
It feels like I've been seeing SNSD member Tiffany Young's name attached to the Singaporean performer JJ Lin lately. I mean the last time I've heard of her was when she attended the latter's concert and shared her front row experience which was around last month.

jj lin tiffany young
Well now, the two amazing singers are the center of attention once again after JJ Lin shared photos of them together on his social media account. Tiffany Young appears to have visited JFJ Productions, JJ Lin's own studio to "exchange fashion tips" per the Singaporean star's caption. In all fairness, their snapshots look like it was taken straight out of a fashion magazine. JJ Lin wore a jacket with denim stitches while Tiffany Young sported a crop top and wore a camouflage jacket over it paired with leather boots. Dang! She looks good on it, definitely my style. The big smiles on their faces says it all.

I wonder what the two were doing together? Is this a sign of a possible collaboration or just two friends hanging out? Hmm...

jj lin tiffany young
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