Fans Amused with the 'Real' Reason Yan Bingyun Had a Score to Settle with Fan Xian in Joy of LIfe

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Spoiler Ahead: Do not read this if you’ve not yet finished Joy of Life 

Joy of Life's season ending scene definitely had us all scratching our heads trying to come up with a reason. So, why indeed? While certainly not the real reason, imaginative Netizens have come up with a rather tongue in cheek supposition as to what pushed Xiao Zhan’s character Yan Bingyun to plunge the dagger in THAT scene that made us all gasp collectively. And you’ll never guess why.

It's all because Zhang Ruoyun got the girl .. or should I say .. girls!

Ancient stories have shown that wars were fought for far less, so why not for the love of a woman? Take Homer’s Illiad for example, Helen being married to Menelaus and running away with Paris (after being the recipient of Cupid’s arrow) started a war that spanned a decade and caused the destruction of an entire people. So really, saying that Bingyun stabbed Fan Xian because he got the women isn’t entirely reaching. I mean, he managed to steal the hearts of Xiao Zhan’s two Jade Dynasty on-screen loves -  Tina Tang Yixin (Tiang Ling’er) and Li Qin (Xue Qi) right? Can you see why he had some grief to settle with Zhang Ruoyun/Fan Xian? *lol*

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jade dynasty xiao zhan tang yixin
In a cross-over of Jade Dynasty and real life,  Zhang Ruoyun married Xiaofan’s first love Tina Tang Yixin aka Tian Ling’er on a gorgeous summer’s day in the Emerald Isles last June, so score one for Zhang Ruoyun/Fan Xian’s corner. 

Then Fan Xian managed to captivate dear Li Qin/ Xue Qi in Joy of Life as his chicken leg girl, so yup, another point in Fan Xian’s corner. Ding ding. Check mate.

But kidding aside, who here is so looking forward to the show’s second season? Coz that ending’s got drama fans on tenterhooks! Can the drama gods put us all out of our misery and start filming it real soon? 

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  1. I imagine the real reason will be resolved quite easily in the first few minutes of the 2nd season, making Xiao Zhan's character a good guy...after all, it's Xiao Zhan. But will he be as popular by the time it ever airs, and if he's actually in the cast (we hope so!).
    Maybe by the time it ever airs there will have been another new heartthrob actor who's taken Xiao Zhan's place. After all, fans are fickle.

  2. I didn't watch that drama since the premise isn't my cup of tea but, of course, I watched the video in your link. I think he would be awesome playing an evil or dark character since he is one of the rare talents that can truly act without an education and being that young. His face and eyes can "talk". I'm impressed.

  3. Err .. I beg to disagree with you, if you are talking about XZ. He has a lot of room for improvement in the acting department. And he's not that young either - will be 29 this year. There are other younger ones (and who has not yet attended acting school too when they started acting) who are truly impressive. XZ at the moment belongs to just the pretty face category.

    1. Bish have u not watched the best drama of 2019 The Untamed?