Ariel Lin Enjoys Herself in Iceland for the Lunar New Year Holidays

ariel lin
For parts of Asia, the Lunar New Year holiday is in full swing with lotsa family visits and reunions marked by the daily overindulgence of everyone’s favourite holiday treats and the inevitable questions from the occasional nosy auntie. For some, it also means the perfect opportunity to fly off to distant locations for a bit of relaxation.  

Jetting off to the frosty shores of Iceland is actress Ariel Lin who took advantage of the lunar new year holidays to grab some R&R in the milky blue waters of the Blue Lagoon. Posting a few snapshots of herself bare faced on social media, the actress certainly looks like she’s enjoying her time off despite the arctic temps !  Taking a dip into the hot waters of the lagoon might sound fab for the rest of us stuck in the freezing arms of winter, but I don’t quite envy her that walk from the changing room to the pool! Brrrrrr. 

"The year of the rat is upon us, new year and new weather. I wish everyone to find their own happiness and joy, and to have the inexhaustible enthusiasm and bravery of the rat!"

It's always refreshing to see actresses posting their bare faced photos online - speaks volumes of their confidence and shows us a glimpse of the real person behind the glamour. Anyway, happy lunar new year to everyone!

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  1. Lucky her!! Hopefully all Chinese celebs would donate their extra income to help Wuhan virus patient like angelababy besides going for a holiday.

    1. First time 1 person admire Angelababy. So celebs are only liked when they donate. They are hated the most when they don't.

    2. @Boyboy How much have you donate your extra income?

    3. I think they have the right to do what they want. They are people too so they can relax if they want