Xuan Lu and Zhao Ziwei Are Their Own Bosses in the Well-Intended Love Sister Drama

It seems that 2020 is looking bright with so many dramas coming up, with filming ceremonies being held one after another. One of the newest dramas that joined our long list is the sister production of Well-Intended Love 奈何BOSS又如何 (no official English title yet, but can be directly translated to What If You're My Boss?). They are being made by the same people behind the 2019 Chinese drama, Well-Intended Love (you can find this on Netflix!).

Joining this drama as the main leads are Xuan Lu (The Untamed) and Zhao Ziwei (Le Coup de Foudre). They are also joined by Wang Qian, Liu Yinjun, Liu Youchang, and Shirley Jin Wenxin as part of the supporting cast. Filming has begun since November 25, 2019. 

I have never watched Well-Intended Love but I have heard good things about it! This doesn't mean that I won't be checking this new drama out because who could ever resist plots with boss-employee romance? This drama does not also seem to be your typical boss-employee romance since both are bosses in their own way. 

well intended love xuan lu
Xuan Lu plays an assistant to Zhao Ziwei's role, and she is an epitome of girl power as she believes that there is no boss that she can't handle. Whereas the role of Zhao Ziwei thinks that no employee can resign without his approval. Talk about a game of tug-o-war of power that we will be witnessing when these two collide!

well intended love zhao zhiwei
I am already seeing the potential conflict that will take place in this drama. If the assistant falls for her boss, then that means he will be the only boss that she can't handle. Similarly, if the boss falls for his employee, then he will definitely find a way for her not to resign which is not going to be an easy game to win over as it seems.

Will you be checking this drama to find out who the real boss is?

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  1. isn't the title Destiny's Love ? not Well Intended Love

    1. EDIT: NEVER MIND MY MISTAKE I got the name of a actress confused with Xu Lu (she' in Destiny's Love) so I was confused for a sec

  2. No worries, haha! Thanks for dropping by though :)

  3. oh boy idk about this Well Intended Love got a lot of criticisms from online reviews for manipulative and abusive behaviors from the ML that got romanticized, i liked the ML but agree the character is problematic so idk how this will be

  4. This is just a sister drama so they won't be entirely related. With that, I hope that this drama won't have the same problems as WIL.

  5. Look like the copycat of What's Wrong With secretary Kim?