Tencent Dramas Douluo Continent and Dance of the Phoenix Announce Cast

Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 held its boot ceremony on December 27, 2018 with only the crew and not one member of the cast present. The show's literally kept silent for an entire year with filming long completed before formally introducing Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi as the leads just last week. 

douluo continent xiao zhan wu xuanyi
Based on a fantasy novel of the same name by Tang Jia San Shao 唐家三少, Douluo Continent is Xiao Zhan's next costume drama to put him back in the leading role after his breakout role in The UntamedWu Xuanyi stars in her very first drama. 

yang chaoyue dance of the phoenix fantasy
Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 which just announced its cast led by Yang Chaoyue has already wrapped on December 20, 2019 in Hengdian after three months of filming. It is helmed by Chan Ka-Lam who was one of the directors of The Untamed. Yang Chaoyue adds another to her growing list of yet-to-air dramas that include The Promise of Chang'AnEver Night 2 and Midsummer is Full of Hearts

dance of the phoenix fantasy xu kaicheng
Xu Kaicheng who plays her leading man returns to the genre after he first charmed viewers as the romantic lead of I'm a Pet at Dali Temple

Based on the novel Godly Empress Doctor 神医凰后 by Su Xiaonuan 苏小暖, Dance of the Phoenix is a fantasy romance that puts a modern-day doctor in the world of cultivation and into the shoes of a former genius that has been rendered useless. 

dance of the phoenix fantasy fu jing

dance of the phoenix fantasy estelle chen yihan
Also in the cast are Fu Jing, Estelle Chen Yihan, The Untamed stars Wang Haoxuan and Guo Cheng as well as Guo Jicai from The Romance of Hua Rong.  

dance of the phoenix fantasy wang haoxuan
That's Xue Yang!

dance of the phoenix fantasy guo cheng
And the other Lan disciple 

dance of the phoenix fantasy Gao Jicai
With Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo winning big at the 2019 Tencent Star Awards and The Untamed bringing home the web drama of the year award, it's interesting that these new Tencent dramas are still connected to The Untamed in some way. We could probably play a game of six degrees of separation with the ladies too. Wu Xuanyi, Yang Chaoyue and Fu Jing are members of Rocket Girls while Estelle Chen also participated with them in Produce 101 China

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  1. Dance of the Phoenix totally sounds like my cup up tea. Let's hope the post production doesn't take years.

    Douluo Continent sounds lame but I'm sure it will be popular just because of XZ's fangirls. I'm happy for him but hopefully he will get better scripts now.

    1. Lol ... I just have to agree with every single thing you're saying.

    2. I wouldn't be too quick to judge Douluo Continent yet. The script writer is the same person who did Young Blood and Joy of Life. Both of which the script was one of the best things about those dramas.

  2. Anyone with the misfortune of being placed next to XueYang risks looking like a lacklustre damp squib.

    That said, I find myself liking Estelle's asymmetrical look. We finally have a fashion forward moment in a Wuxia-ey flick. Nice.

  3. I am a fan of both male leads in untamed & well intended love... I hope they chose a well written drama or els they will ruin their career by bad choices of script... Wish them a good drama quality & success

  4. Douluo continent is one of my favourite novels so plz dont screw up - theres a huge fanbase too