Sword Dynasty (2019)

Sword Dynasty xianxia series
Step aside, Gun God, because we won't be seeing gaming genius Han Shangyan in Li Xian's newest series, Sword Dynasty 剑王朝. Instead, the actor dons the ancient costume to play a swordsman for the first time. I mean, isn't it about darn time we see Li Xian in this genre?

Sword Dynasty xianxia series li xian
Adapted from a novel of the same name by Wu Ziu, Sword Dynasty follows the journey of Ding Ning, a young and sickly man who defies the odds to become a famous swordsman. Seemingly carefree, he is motivated by one goal to stand against his own kingdom and overthrow the ruling monarch. 

Sword Dynasty xianxia series li yitong
Li Yitong who currently has two dramas Blossom in Heart and Royal Nirvana airing plays the beautiful aristocrat Zhang Sun Qian Xue who's not only Ding Ning's love interest but also a skilled martial artist. 

Sword Dynasty xianxia series liu yijun

Sword Dynasty xianxia series yao di
Actors Liu Yijun and Peter Ho are introduced as brothers who become sworn enemies. It's a normal occurrence for royal heirs to become rivals when it comes to who gets to sit on the throne, but from the looks of it, they seem to have shared a good relationship before things went downhill.

Sword Dynasty xianxia series zhao yuanyuan

Sword Dynasty xianxia series peter ho
I'm really curious to see how Ding Ning's illness will affect him during his quest. Is it going to become his setback? Will it magically heal once he cultivates? I mean, knowing that your days are numbered and you still choose to take the high road makes for an interesting plot, don't you think? I gotta say though, I'm not a big fan of the bangs. I'm not sure if they were trying to make Li Xian appear younger, but, I mean, he looks cute? 

Sword Dynasty xianxia series

Sword Dynasty xianxia series zhang weina

Sword Dynasty xianxia series zong fengyan
Joining them in the cast are Zhao Yuanyuan, Peter Ho, Li Guangfu, Zhang Weina and Zong Fengyan

Release Date: December 6, 2019 iQIYI

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Sword Dynasty xianxia

Sword Dynasty xianxia

Sword Dynasty xianxia

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  1. Yeee Li Yi Tong finally has dramas that are coming out!!! Even though its her like 3rd one this year and many more awaiting to be released!!!

  2. Isn't it surprising her hype is so tiny? Compare to all her works, the quality are quite high. Higher than some of the current big actresses.

    Wuxia (serious one although not the best - LOCH). Serious historical (Royal Nirvana). Fantasy (Demon Girl).