Mulan's New Trailer Wows with its Amazing Visuals

mulan crystal liu
Growing up, Mulan was my favorite Disney Princess because she was such a breath of fresh air among the line of ladies who were waiting for their Prince Charming. Naturally, I'm shouting for joy at every update about the live action! (okay, a bit exaggerated. I know) The teaser months ago was enough to make me feel like they can pull this off and after the newest trailer dropped last night, I am thoroughly convinced. 

The latest trailer not only introduces more of Crystal Liu Yifei as Mulan but also the star-studded supporting cast that includes Donnie YenGong Li and Jet Li.

mulan crystal liu
Let me start by saying that whether you like her or not, Crystal Liu's seamless gender bender skills amazes me. That and her ability to convey emotions without saying a word. The teaser left me emotional, and it doesn't help that Reflection was playing in the background. 

mulan donnie yen
Another casting that I love is Donnie Yen. I'm such a big fan of Ip Man so seeing him in full on Imperial Commander suit is making me excited! He really looks the part of the strict mentor. It's different from the animated version, but this is one change that I accept! 

mulan gong li
I still don't know how I feel about seeing Gong Li looking as an evil witch or about the fact that they replaced Mulan's love interest Li Shang for Cheng Hui, played by Yoson An, but the cinematography itself is powerful enough to tug the viewers' hearts. Heck, I'm sold!

mulan jet li
It also seems like the comedic scenes are gone because they seem to be going for all-out heavy scenes. No wonder Jet Li in his emperor garb seems to be ready for war. I guess this is another change from the animated Mulan since the emperor himself will be doing some fighting? Well, what did we expect of THE Jet Li?  I'm really looking forward to this. Can't March 27 come any faster?




  1. Idk what to feel, it’s a Hollywood movie with American plot but with Asian actors and Asian characteristics? And there’s no comedy and song im assuming?

  2. See when there's better music everything is better. The first trailer was horrible, this one is very stunning!

  3. I'm so disappointed with this trailer and the entire production overall. LYF is not the best choice for Mulan IMO. Ni Ni would have been my choice after seeing her in Rise of the Phoenix.

    I also loved the Mulan animation and was so disappointed that Disney decided to change the script completely for this one adaptation. And for this adaptation only? We already have several "serious" Mulan movies and dramas, so we do not need Hollywood to give us another version. Why did they not hire a female Chinese director? Why was this filmed in New Zealand? Why isn't there a single Chinese consultant/team lead for the set design, costume design, action choreography, etc.????

    The costumes all look cartoonish with Gong Li's costume looking the worst. I'm hoping that Jet Li, Gong Li and Donnie Yen actually have a decent role and haven't just been casted as famous Chinese actors as a draw.

    I want this movie to succeed so much to keep the string of successful movies with Asian actors in leading roles going after Crazy Rich Asians and The Farewell. But it's just as important that they are good movies.

    I'm keeping my expectations very low for Mulan. Fingers crossed that Simu Liu's Marvel movie will be a good one.

    1. LOL Ni Ni has the looks but she cannot fight and stiff at fighting.
      LYF is the best choice and that's what everybody said until she made the slogan people just don't like her anymore cuz of that.