Mark Chao and Deng Lun Headline the Chinese Adaptation of Onmyōji

Onmyōji chinese movie  Mark Chao Deng Lun
Well! Hold on to your hats folks because some exciting news for you guys just landed. Things are looking up for a Mark Chao and Deng Lun pairing because a collab between the two actors has just been confirmed to be in the works! The two heavy hitting stars who rose to fame in the xianxias Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and Ashes of Love respectively have been conscripted to act together in Guo Jingming’s movie adaptation of the Japanese fantasy classic Onmyōji authored by Baku Yumemakura. 

Onmyōji chinese movie  posters
Entitled Qing Ya Ji 晴雅集 the film adaptation is set in a mystical fantasy world where humans and supernatural beings co-exist together. It tells the story of how cosmologist Qing Ming and his friend Bo Ya, who he met whilst taking part in celestial rituals up in heaven, crack baffling and weird cases together. In their many adventures, the pair uncover a century-old secret and ends up saving humanity.

Onmyōji chinese movie posters
Mark Chao plays cosmologist Qing Ming while Deng Lun takes up the mantle of his partner in crime Bo Ya.

Onmyōji chinese movie
Rounding up the mythical five are Olivia Wang Ziwen who plays Gong Zhu, Chun Xia as Long Ye and Wang Duo as He Shouyue.

If these elegant posters and beautiful aesthetics alone didn't whet your curiosity, expect to find a couple of bits to pique your interest for the film. After all, with an intriguing mix of strong talent, a director that's good with fantasy themes and a well loved story line brimming with mystery, magic and intrigue, the possibilities are endless!

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  1. I'm more excited for this version than the other one thanks to that one subpar female cast who ruin everything. If you know, then you know.

    1. Hahahaha that shade XD I agree though. Even cnetz turned off by her.

    2. @ Anonymous 1

      Are you talking about her (Olivia Wang Ziwen)? Yes. I agree with you. I love both male leads and when I saw her name. I feel like the balloon without air. :(

    3. All I ever see on Dramapanda is people hating on female actresses. This is getting disgusting.

    4. @ Anonymous 1.c from Anonymous 1.b

      I don't hate any actresses/actors. There are male actors that I don't watch also. Just some people I prefer to watch more than others that's all. Some people make the dramas/movies more interesting to me - the way they portray their roles/characters.

    5. 1.b

      Why hate her? At least she can act her role well. And I'm pretty sure they're talking about SY not Olivia anyway.

    6. @ Kiwilove

      Again, I don't hate any actresses/actors. Some people I prefer to watch and some I don't. I'm sure you do have actresses/actors that you don't want to watch also. Just like you may prefer eating beef and I like seafood. Thank you!

    7. Sksksk there are people thought of Olivia when she's in this version. Plus she's a good actress.

      Im sure OP was talking about Shen Yue since her acting is known to be mediocre.

      There are two film version of Onmyoji. The other one starring Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Qu Chuxiao

      I love Chen Kun but likewise I'm turned off when I saw Shen Yue among the cast. Looking forward to Mark Chao version more

  2. Excited!!!! But when i first saw the black n white poster i thought it was two Mark Chao!! 😂 The black one does not look like Deng Lun to me. Fortunately his other poster looks good. The rest of the posters were great too. The two girls look lovely and the nekkid guy is really intriguing!!!😂

  3. Ooh, I am so excited for this!

  4. I love Onmyōji. Mark Chao would be amazing in this!

  5. I Absolute adore Mark Chao!!! Very excited to see my man return to the silver screen.

  6. why we got more haters (dislikers) of actresses than actors ? lol girls.

  7. omg.. Guojing ming.. i hope he will not ruin the resources.