Lai Kuan-lin Forced to Change Hotels Due to Sisheng Fans

lai kuanlin a little thing called first love
There is no shortage of stories about obsessive fans going through extreme lengths to see their idols and more and more stars have been speaking up about their experiences. Having started as an idol himself, Lai Kuan-lin who most recently starred as the romantic lead in the drama A Little Thing Called First Love has had repeated encounters with obsessive fans aka sisheng (私生饭). 

On December 26, he took to Weibo to vent his frustrations as he had to change hotels due to his latest run in. He wrote, "Always wondered, are the people who sell hotel information and personal information committing a crime or not, worked all day and can't even get rest after returning. The reason is there are sisheng everywhere, so I had to change hotels. Are you kidding me? For what. I will say this again, my personal life is not for your viewing, please control yourselves or I will really lose my mind."

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  1. I don't really think this is a big deal .. but still. Some fans are just overly obsessive and they go crazy whenever their idol comes out. At 14 years old, I already have an idol myself - Yang Mi ^-^ - BUT I wouldn't follow behind her every chance I get every time I visited China!!!!

  2. Why are fans so insane in China and Korea? It's not like that in the west at all. There are the few crazies and the paparazzi, but for the most part it's seen as unacceptable for normal people to do those kinds of things to celebrities. What the hell?