Kai Ko Officially Announces Comeback With A New Drama

kai ko presscon
If you loved the 2011 hit Taiwanese film, You Are The Apple Of My Eye, you would have probably went online to search for the main actor's name and his other works. You might be surprised to see that many of his recent works did not ring a bell to you for two reasons. One is that there are no confirmed dates released for some of his works and two, those are not probably in progress anymore because he has been replaced by another actor.

It looks like that it is all going to come to an end now for Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who has just recently announced his comeback through press conference with the Taiwanese media for his new drama. In case you missed it, Kai was caught in a huge drug scandal with Jaycee Chan (son of Jackie Chan) five years ago. This did not only rock the whole entertainment industry, but it has also affected his career negatively with his projects being cancelled one after another.

After having suffered episodes of insomnia and depression which he revealed in a fan chat session earlier this year, things are looking to be brighter for the 28 year-old actor who is set to star in what is said to become one of Taiwan's big-budgeted dramas. Based on the novel The Oracle Comes 乩身 by Xing Zi 星子, the fantasy series will also star Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui (The Fierce Wife) and Jacob Wang Bo-Chieh.

kai ko presscon
In the press conference, Kai Ko shared that it has been a long time since he filmed a TV drama. He said that he still feels a bit embarrassed about his mistake from years ago but will cherish the opportunity to work again. According to him, taking on this project is a huge challenge given that many of his works from the past years have yet to be released too.

Many people have expressed their excitement towards his comeback while there are also many netizens on Weibo who are dissatisfied and unwilling to forgive him. Being part of the former, I think it's about time that he gets to shine again and be given another chance. Placing those personal issues of his aside, Kai Ko has impressive acting skills and selects quality projects as well. There is a chance that if he maintains all of these, people can start looking at him beyond his reputation and focus on his acting career.

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  1. he looks different? anw that was such a dumbass mistake i cant even, now he prob cant do works in mainland which is where all the money is at

  2. He does look different! Although when I saw clips of him visiting Godfrey's wake, he looked the same. Must be the hairstyle?

    Yup, I don't think he can't ever work there anymore. Such a shame when was already at the peak of his career even in Mainland, when he committed that mistake.

  3. His ban in China may be lifted now. I just don't know how to find out such news. Also the netizens who want to raise hell about him returning to acting tell him those kinds of people will always be looking for something to harp about.. They will find someother poor soul soon and leave him alone. These people who think that they are holier-than-thou really come out of the woodwork to preach when THEY ARE SO WRONG. I hope I get the chance to see his drama with Eng. subs somewhere.

    1. Yes, I totally agree. The world has been quite unfair to him too actually