Francis Ng Speaks Up About His Son Being Bullied

francis ng feynman
Who would have thought that campus bullying and violence are issues that celebrities must face at times too? In a recent show, Hong Kong actor Francis Ng shared about his son's experience of being bullied in school. 

The bullying incident was intense that his son Feynman's face had bruises in it. His wife was very sad about it and advised her son to escape when the bullies come after him next time. Francis disagreed with his wife's advice as he believes that his son should prepare in order to defend himself. According to him, running away is not a solution because he thinks that boys should be braver.

francis ng son feynman
It can be noted that this father-son pairing appeared in the second season of Where Are We Going, Dad? in 2014 when Feynman was just 5 years old. They were also supposed to star in the movie version of the show except that his son had an injury near his eye while they were filming. This incident made Francis fume with anger towards the show's production and called them a bully in an interview. 

The recent incident and even from years ago just show how caring Francis Ng is as a father. I admire him for being consistent with how he protects his son over the years and being practical with his advice too. He knows that no matter what happens, his son should know how to protect himself beyond running away.

It may be a sad reality that issues of bullying and violence in school remain to be prevalent these days. However, it's good to hear that we have someone like Francis who is willing to share his son's experience with everyone as a way to raise awareness towards this pressing matter.

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  1. He is truly a great father... Being bullied at school is just somtimes a beyond childhood a scar it may kill a young children future.... A school should be safe place... I wonder how teachers sometimes ignore it... A bully is the coward creature on earth & they will remain bully for their whole life...

    1. I agree with you 100%! It's sad that the frequency of it doesn't seem to be decreasing worldwide, but actually the opposite is happening.

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry. I can't believe a child of a CELEBRITY would be bullied! Plus, his son looks so young ..... he's only probably 5-9 and he's already getting bullied?!

  3. Sadly, bullying knows no age, status, etc. All we can do now is to help raise awareness about it!