First Posters of Fantasy Series Ling Long Starring Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi

ling long fantasy drama
The posters are out and I don't know if they're doing it on purpose (of course they are, who am I kidding?), but Lin Yi is looking mighty fine as a young monarch in the xianxia series Ling Long 玲珑And here I was worrying he'd look bad in a wig! 

We previously announced the strategic pair up of the two leads from Put Your Head On My Shoulder and A Little Thing Called First Love in a fantasy adventure series that puts the heroes in a fight against evil. I'm even more excited now because judging from the costumes and the color palette, it looks like it's going to be a fun one! 

This cast reveal comes at the heels of the upcoming premiere for Dream Back to the Qing DynastyBoth are produced by Tangren Media, so it's no wonder that we're seeing some casting crossovers. The cast lineup includes Zhao JinmaiYuan HongLin YiXin YunlaiChen YusiZeng LiZhao Tianyu, Tu Nan and Katie Chen Yu'an

ling long fantasy drama zhao jinmai
Zhao Jinmai

ling long fantasy drama yuan hong
Yuan Hong 

ling long fantasy drama lin yi
Lin Yi

ling long fantasy drama cai wenjing
Cai Wenjing

ling long fantasy drama xin yunlai
Xin Yunlai

ling long fantasy drama
Chen Yusi

ling long fantasy drama zeng li
Zeng Li (Special Appearance)

ling long fantasy drama
Koss Zhao Tianyu (Special Appearance)

ling long fantasy drama katie chen
Katie Chen Yu'an
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  1. @ unnie

    Thanks for the information. Lin Yi looks very handsome here. I like how they dressed the actors here. Looking forward to watch this drama.