Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (2019)

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I'm thinking the producers of Scarlet Heart probably sat down one day and thought, "Well, that show did really well. Should we do it all over again? Nah, let's use another prince but stick to time travel. I don't think we've done that enough." 

You can't be a fan of C-dramas without having watched the major hit series Scarlet Heart or at least heard of it in the annals of Chinese dramaland. The story of the princes of Kangxi has birthed various drama and movie adaptations because of its plot-worthy history. You probably saw some posters of this and thought, "welp, it's probably gonna be another remake."  

dream back to the qing dynasty
Well, well, well, think again because this is a completely different story based on a novel by Jin Zi 金子 whose work actually shaped the genre. Li Landi (My Huckleberry Friends) and rookie actor Wang Anning star in this retelling of the famous Nine Lords' War in Chinese history but this time, with the much-loved 13th Prince! 

meng hui
(cute cute cute cute cuteeee!)

Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty 梦回大清 is about a 21st-century girl named Mingwei who discovers that she has travelled through time. Of course, what is time traveling if it doesn't lead you to the period of Emperor Kangxi's reign where his many handsome princes graced the Qing empire? It's no surprise that the unusual girl who is very much ahead of her years would catch the attention of the King's sons - most of all, the 13th Prince.

meng hui  dream back to the qing dynasty
(ugh this is making me so excited)

The trailer gives you a love story with an angsty tone that is painted in beautiful cinematography, if I may add. We see the 13th Prince ever loyal to the 4th Prince and the power struggle they're destined to take against their other brothers. 

meng hui  dream back to the qing dynasty

meng hui  dream back to the qing dynasty
With the story being different, it looks like the time travel will have its own set of rules. It certainly wouldn't be the same as Rouxi's soul switch in Scarlet Heart. Our heroine this time appears to be able to time travel repeatedly. Why she'd want to go back and how she's going to influence the past, is the question. 

meng hui  dream back to the qing dynasty li landi
meng hui  dream back to the qing dynasty wang anyu

meng hui  dream back to the qing dynasty

meng hui  dream back to the qing dynasty

I guess however this turns out, one thing is for sure. We'll be seeing lots of cute young princes gracing the walls of the Qing empire that we'll end up fangirling over for the next 10 years of our lives. Joining the line-up are Xin Yunlai (14th Prince), Sun Anke (Ming Hui), Ding Qiao (4th Prince), Katie Chen and Zhang Leyun.

Release Date: December 14, 2019 Tencent (two episodes every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm), VIP can watch 6 episodes in advance 

meng hui qing palace drama li landi

meng hui qing palace drama wang anyu

meng hui qing palace drama xin yunlai

meng hui qing palace drama sun anke

meng hui qing palace drama ding qiao

meng hui qing palace drama katie chen

meng hui qing palace drama
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  1. I thought time travel was banned from chinese drama, did they lift the ban?
    The original Chinese Scarlet Heart is one of my favourite drama which I like to rewatch from time to time. From these posters I can't say I am particularly interested in this drama, but who knows maybe it will be better than I anticipated

    1. The trailer looks really good! You should check it out! :)

    2. The ban is for dramas on national TV. Web dramas are fine, that’s why you have tons of traveling web dramas lol

  2. Cool. Li Landi is a very good actress. Everyone else looks new to me and the costumes looks gorgeous. Qing drama is a interesting now that the costumes are prettier. I used to hate Qing dramas due to all the scheminngs and everyone killing each other, especially when it is the women killing each other due to an old King they dont really love. But at least they have stories with the younger princes.

  3. Yes I need this.
    There are lots of historical dramas recently but they are either the silly low-budget kind or the politic ones which I wanna avoid.
    Trailer looks good.

  4. I AM SO EXCITED. I looooove Li Lan Di. the costumes and cinematography are stunning and it's been a while since we've had a good time travel drama. I can't wait!