Yu Zheng Declares Script for The Heritage Starring Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan is His Best One Yet!

know what you’re thinking --- those are indeed BIG words from the producer! This coming from the person who’s been credited with having a hand in producing the mega hit series Story of Yanxi Palace that took the world by storm last year. Yu Zheng is undeniably a controversial person, love him or hate him, he is quite vocal about what he likes and what he doesn’t like. I reckon he must really love his latest baby judging from how he was totally raving about it in a social media post yesterday.

"After watching the rough cut of The Heritage, I couldn’t restrain my inner excitement and joy so I wanted to share this with you! This is a project I agreed to work on with Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan when we were filming Story of Yanxi Palace together. After the script came out, everyone who has read it told me that it had the best story out of all my dramas. I’m trying to exercise extreme caution at this point but I really hope this drama will hit a milestone. When we first started this journey, I got to know director Wang Wei while preparing for this drama and I was incredibly amazed by what his rich knowledge, cultural accomplishment and extensive filming experience brings to the table. Today marks the first month since we started filming and from what I’ve already seen, I couldn’t help but cry a little and laugh a little at the emotions roused by the show’s protagonists. I thought to myself, this is it! I feel like I can surpass myself with this one and it's a work that I'll surely cherish.

Mind you, we've no need to sell this drama (it has already been sold), nor do I have the need for publicity (it’ll be a long time yet before it’s broadcast so there’s no need) for me to be saying this. I hope that after today ya’ll can forget about it and let it quietly sink to the bottom of the river. Just until it airs and makes waves once again, then I will be satisfied! Happy!”

What d'you guys reckon? Does the Yu Zheng stamp of approval entice you to watch this when it comes out or do you think this is just him tooting his own horn?

The Heritage 传家 is the story of three embattled sisters aspiring to be named heir to their family’s massive department store business in Republican era Shanghai. With actresses Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan at the helm, the main cast also includes Han GengNie Yuan, Zhang Nan and Zheng Kai. Liu JunMiao PuZhang YijieZhang YixiWang XichaoFang AnnaHe FengtianNina Wang Keru and He Jiayi round up the supporting cast.

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  1. Believe him or not, I will most definitely watch it.

  2. He's annoying but that don't matter, people will watch it.

    It's not as if everything is so competitive right now. Not many people compete against YZ now. Even some so call Daylight Ent productions fall very short of YZ's productions.

    All we see are stupid boring dumb dramas everywhere now. There is always a high chance you will love to watch YZ productions, or hate it sometimes.

    People will always try to find something nice to watch to kill away boredom, lots of other producers did not do their job well to compete with annoying YZ.

  3. He always comes up with dramas that are watchable. I am just wondering which novel or drama he "borrowed" or was "inspired" from. Lol...

    1. Plagiarism is everywhere in all C drama land. Look at TMOPB and Princess Agents. All plagiarism.
      But the good thing about YZ's plagiarism is, he sometimes improve the story altogether with other added twists and good castings. Where as other productions plagiarized too but their adaptations can't even compare to reading a book (Princess Agents), they made it worse rather than improving it.
      No wonder why he flaunts high and low, there are times when his productions are the top.

  4. He is known to flaunt and throw it back in the face of the creator. I think this is what irks many people, ala Qioung Yao's case with him. He does have a good eye for good looking people that can act or at least least he brings it out of them. Princess Agents and Ten Miles of Peach blossoms they bought the rights to the story to produce the drama so that isn't plagiarism on the drama production front.